Tuesday, October 5, 2021

My Favorite Non-Review Books of September 2021

As a blogger sometimes writing reviews can feel like a chore so it seems I rarely write reviews for non-review books anymore. I feel bad about that, because it's not that I didn't enjoy them less than the books I review here, just that I don't have the time or energy to write a review for each and every book I read. I thought it would be nice to list my favorite non-review books each month to bring more attention to them.

Here are my September 2021 stand outs:

My husband and I listened to this on our way back from the coast after switching from one audio to the next without having any story grab us. Neanderthal Seeks Human hit the spot and my husband made me promise to wait to finish the book until we drove up to our daughter's house the next week. It was hilarious! I was laughing so hard in parts and it made our trips just fly by. Definitely recommend the audio! Jennifer Grace knocked it out of the park with her performance!

Hard to go wrong with this series (Psy-Changeling), even nine books in, but I have to say the romances where the female is the more dominant of the two are not my favorites, but Drew was only a little less dominant so it mostly worked.

To be honest, I was more interested in the ongoing story arc. I want to know how everything will play out with the Psy Council and I want to know who the Ghost is. I have my suspicions.

So good I stayed up late to finish this one! Book 10 in the Psy-Changeling seires is my favorite in the series so far. 5 Star all the way!

Been waiting for Hawke and Sienna's story for a while and it did not disappoint! As a bonus we got Lara and Walker's story and thrilling events with the ongoing story arc. What will happen to the Council and the future of the Silence now? Well, I'm well into Trinity, the spinoff, so I know, but seeing how it all came about has been exciting!

As usual the audio narrated by Angela Dawe was excellent. She narrates the series and I highly recommend the audio version.

I've been reading the Psy-Changeling series as part of Anne @Books of My Heart's read-a-long. I'm finally catching up!

I've been a fan of Loreth Anne White for a while. Her mysteries are atmospheric and captivating! I finally carved out some time to read her newest. 

A young crime podcaster starts a series of interviews with convicted killer, Clayton Pelley. A guidance counselor behind bars for killing an unpopular student he was said to have an affair with. 

However, over twenty years later Clayton claims he didn't do it. 
The podcast drags up an unpleasant past for the investigator, Rachel Walczak, and raises up unanswered questions. Could Clayton be telling the truth? It's a messy situation for this small town where everyone knows everyone. 

A riveting mystery! I think I blazed through this audio in a 24-hour period. I just had to find out how it all turned out. 

It's a Kindle Unlimited right now, read and listen to for free as part of their program. 

How about you? Did you have any non-review gems? 


  1. Nice how two Psy-Changeling books made the list for September! I ordered the first in the series and have it ready and waiting for me to dive it.

  2. I've listened to several Penny Reid books, and they are a lot of fun.

  3. The first and the last both sound great. I love humorous books, and I LOVE a good mystery.


  4. We really have compatible tastes. I've read everything Penny Reid and LOVE them. Of course, I'm enjoying the Psy-Changeling series (thank goodness since I'm doing the Read-along). I'm also a huge fan of LAW. I just got an eARC of her next release The Patient's Secret 3/1/22.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  5. Ohhh Penny Reid! I have read and enjoyed some of hers

  6. I loved Hawke and Sienna's story. And I really love Drew, too. :)

  7. I am such a Janie fan, and I still put Janie and Quinn as my favorite couple.

  8. oh I get you hun. If I wasn't so OCD I would think about something like this. haha

    I adore Hawke and Sienna, their book is so good. And I am with you on the books where the heroine is more dominant, isn't my favorite either. While I enjoyed Play of Passion, not the best in the series. I just like my dominant heroes. Her novella Declaration in Courtship are the types of relationships I would love to see full length novels of.

  9. Snow and Sienna's story is one of my favorites! I really enjoyed it! I can't wait for you to get to know the Ghost! I really love that character too!