Thursday, May 12, 2022

Review: A Wedding on Sunshine Corner by Phoebe Mills


A Wedding on Sunshine Corner (The Sunshine Corner #2) by Phoebe Mills
Publication Date: March 29th 2022 by Forever
Pages: 349
Source: Publisher
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My Thoughts:
Savannah and Noah have grown up together with Noah being close to her brothers, but they have never been friends.  Noah’s been nothing but uptight and judgmental towards Savannah and Noah regards her as spoiled, flighty, and impulsive. However, when Caleb, Savannah’s older brother, asks them to team up to help plan their wedding in Heart’s Hope Bay they must set aside their differences to work together.

Both Noah and Savannah have a lot on their plate. Savannah has just started as a teacher and coordinator at her friend Abby’s (the previous installments heroine) preschool, and Noah is juggling work while raising his four-year-old daughter alone. Savannah has a lot of self-doubt since most of her attempts at finding her career path have fizzled out.  It was obvious to me that she was a hard worker, she just hadn’t found her niche yet, and I appreciated Abby’s unwavering support. Savannah had a great bunch of female friends in her corner as well as a big loving family.

I felt for Noah since he was the primary caretaker of his daughter. It’s hard for me to believe that a woman would move states away from her young daughter for a career opportunity and give up primary custody. I found it hard to understand why he was so stubborn to accept help from others. I also had a really hard reconciling his judgmental attitude towards Savannah one minute with his attraction to her the next which made it hard to buy into their romance for me.  He had no right to go off on her the way he did with the final conflict (you know the one that comes about 75-80% in ?), especially when Savannah took care of the majority of the wedding planning even though it was supposed to be a shared burden. Noah was such a complete jerk dressing her down, feeding into her worst insecurities. I would’ve had a hard time forgiving him.  I was happy Savannah didn’t just take him back quickly when he realized how badly he screwed up, but I would’ve liked a bit more from him. More groveling for sure.

3 Stars

Book Description:

A delightful small-town romance between a daycare teacher and single dad who must overcome their differences to help plan the ultimate wedding.

They’ve driven each other crazy for years, but were they fighting each other—or the chemistry between them?

As the youngest in her loving, overprotective family, Savannah Lowe has always gone with the flow instead of going out on a limb…until now. Her new job running a preschool requires her to be all in. If only the father of one of her students wasn’t her brother’s incredibly infuriating, impossibly attractive best friend. Savannah has no clue what she ever did to make him dislike her, and now they’re stuck spending even more time together planning her brother’s wedding.

Single father Noah Adams has his hands full between his job as a paramedic and caring for his young daughter. The last thing he needs is a complication like Savannah in his life—a girl he remembers being constantly pampered by her family. But the more he gets to know her, the more he sees how kind and compassionate she really is. Now their long-ignored, off-the-charts chemistry has them on a collision course…with each other.


  1. Lots of groveling after making a mistake is a must.

  2. It always seems like groveling whether its needed on the side of the hero or the heroine doesn't seem satisfying enough for me haha I think the factor for me isn't necessarily the length, is the heart of the intention behind it and how much are you willing to fight for your man/woman!! lol

    Lovely review!

  3. Thank you for the review. I don’t think this one is for me.

  4. Aw, I feel sorry for Savannah just reading about Noah's treatment of her. It definitely sounds like more groveling was needed.

  5. Yeah, I prefer more balance between the romance partners both giving and if one screws up badly, then they need to work to get back in the other's good graces.

  6. I'm still stuck on the fact that Savannah's older brother apparently asked her and Noah to help plan his wedding? Why? ;D

  7. I would struggle with a hero I thought was a jerk. I probably would have DNFed in all honesty.

  8. Sounds cute.

  9. Yes make him realise it, work for it