Friday, April 17, 2020

Blog Tour Review: Sunrise on Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr

Publication Date: April 14th 2020 by MIRA Books
Pages: 400
Source: Publisher
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About the book:

Sometimes the happiness we’re looking for has been there all along…
Adele and Justine have never been close. Born twenty years apart, Justine was already an adult when Addie was born. The sisters love each other but they don’t really know each other. 
When Addie dropped out of university to care for their ailing parents, Justine, a successful lawyer, covered the expenses. It was the best arrangement at the time but now that their parents are gone, the future has changed dramatically for both women 
Addie had great plans for her life but has been worn down by the pressures of being a caregiver and doesn’t know how to live for herself. And Justine’s success has come at a price. Her marriage is falling apart despite her best efforts.
Neither woman knows how to start life over but both realize they can and must support each other the way only sisters can. Together they find the strength to accept their failures and overcome their challenges. Happiness is within reach, if only they have the courage to fight for it.
Set in the stunning coastal town of Half Moon Bay, California, Robyn Carr’s new novel examines the joys of sisterhood and the importance of embracing change.
My Thoughts:
Even though they are sisters, Adele and Justine are twenty-years apart, and haven’t really been close, but they’re both at a crossroads in their life. Adele, the younger of the two had put her life on hold to care for her ailing parents, but now that they’re both gone, she’s not sure what to do next. Add to that is her feelings for her best friend Jake: friend or more? Justine’s marriage of twenty-eight years is over after her husband is caught cheating. Even though they hadn’t been close, their situations make is so they have to be, but this proves to be a blessing as they draw close, and support each other through the tough times.

I love Robyn Carr’s heartfelt, and emotional stories with characters you can relate to, flaws and all. The Virgin River series is one of my favorites, but her women’s fiction reminds me a bit of Kristan Higgins’, so I think fans of KH would enjoy Sunrise on Half Moon Bay. Even though I think this would be considered more women’s fiction than romance, there was a bit of that in there, too. 

4 Suns

Author Bio: 
Robyn Carr is an award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than sixty novels, including highly praised women's fiction such as Four Friends and The View From Alameda Island and the critically acclaimed Virgin River, Thunder Point and Sullivan's Crossing series. Virgin River is now a Netflix Original series. Robyn lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit her website at

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  1. I've heard really good things about this one. :)

  2. I really need to give her books a shot. I think I would really enjoy this one.

  3. I've read some pretty solid reviews for this one. I love when your love of the characters can help you see beyond any narrative flaws.

  4. That sounds like it was a really good read.

  5. That's a huge age difference between the sisters, but I love the idea that they were able to form a bond over their situations. Sounds very heartwarming (and also, I agree, sounds more women's fic to me too)

  6. I haven't read this author but I have had friends recommend her. I do like KH. Wonderful review!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  7. I have not read Robyn Carr yet but definitely want to. This sounds like a great read!

  8. I just love Robyn Carr and even though I haven't read too many of her books ...they are so touching in so many ways. Glad you had such a blast with this one.

    Lovely review and happy reading