Monday, November 1, 2021

Review: Look What You Made Me Do by Elaine Murphy


Look What You Made Me Do by Elaine Murphy
Publication Date: July 13th 2021 by Grand Central Publishing
Pages: 357
Audio Book Length: 8 hrs 40 min
Narrator: Saskia Maarleveld
Source: Publisher & library audio lend
Rating: ½

My Thoughts:
Carrie’s been blackmailed into helping her sister, Becca, hide the body of any unfortunate person who catches Becca’s wrath, and there’s been many. When one of Becca’s victims is discovered with many other bodies, Becca swears she didn’t kill the rest. Is her sister lying or does the small town of Brampton have not only one prolific serial killer, but two?

Odd things start happening to Carrie, her car door left open, items in her house moved, but she can’t rule out her sister pulling these pranks to freak her out because Becca’s done this kind of thing in the past. But what if it isn’t her?

I really felt for Carrie because she spent her whole life dealing with her psychopathic sister, but on the bright side, she seems to manage Becca with skill and intelligence. I guess that happens when you’ve had twenty-eight years to perfect your responses. And in a weird/toxic way, they did have a sisterly relationship. Which comes in quite handy with the new situation Carrie finds herself in! I was definitely rooting for Carrie!

Look What You Made Me Do was a page turner! I alternately read and listened, and I didn’t want to put the story down! It’s the kind of story that made me notice every noise, scrape of branch on a window and creak in the floorboards! The suspense and tension thick as I read! Just when I thought everything was over, there was a new threat, and a thrilling ending! So good!

I highly recommend the audio version as Saskia Maarleveld does a fantastic job portraying Carrie in whatever her emotion: fear, paranoia, desperation, and resolve. She did a great Becca, too!

4.5 Stars

Book Description:

A gripping thriller about a woman who must help cover the tracks of her serial killer sister -- only to discover her sibling isn't the only serial killer in town . . . and they're both next on his kill list.

Carrie wants a normal life.
Carrie Lawrence doesn’t need a happily ever after. She’ll just settle for “after.” After a decade of helping her sister hide her victims. After a lifetime of lies. She just wants to be safe, boring, and not trekking through the woods at night with a dead body wrapped in a carpet.

Becca wants to get away with murder.
Becca Lawrence doesn’t believe in happily ever after because she’s already happy. She’s gotten away with murder for a decade and has blackmailed her sister into helping her hide the evidence—what more could a girl want?

But first they have to stop a serial killer.
When thirteen bodies are discovered in their small town, people are shocked. But not as shocked as Carrie, who thought she knew all the details of Becca’s sordid pastime. When Becca swears she’s not behind the grisly new crimes, they realize the town has a second serial killer who has the sisters in his sights, and what he wants is…Carrie.


  1. Poor Carrie - a serial killer for a sister and blackmailed into helping her. This one sounds plenty exciting and I can just imagine the tension ramping up as things come to a head!

  2. That's crazy! I think I would be just as creeped out as you seemed to be

  3. This one sounds like such a win for you, gotta love those page turners right?

    Great review!

  4. I'd be afraid for Carrie.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. I was, but be raised with a psychopath for a sister gave her extra skills that came in handy.

  5. Wow, talk about really asking for a lot from your sibling.

    1. Yep, Becca was insane and either a socio or psychopath. Which meant she didn't care at all what it cost her sister.

  6. I can't even imagine dealing with a psychopathic sister!

  7. Wow, I just can't imagine what poor Carrie is going through

  8. Oh my. This story sounds so intriguing. We just started the I know what you did series on Netflix.

  9. Ooh what a cool and creepy premise! I'm glad you liked this one, and it's always great when it's a book that you just want to keep reading. I love a good mystery!

    Lauren @

  10. Book looks fantastic! thanks for sharing and I agree with comment above :Creepy

  11. I know have to read this just because of the name of the main character.