Sunday, March 1, 2020

Review: Starting Over at Blueberry Creek by Annie Rains

Publication Date: February 25th 2020 by Forever
Pages: 432 (310 without novella)
Source: Publisher
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

About the book:

USA Today bestselling author Annie Rains welcomes you back to Sweetwater Springs, North Carolina, with a charming friends-to-lovers story between a sexy fireman and the beautiful woman who mends his heart.

Should they fan the flames or douse this fire before someone gets seriously burned?

Firefighter Luke Marini moved to the small town of Sweetwater Springs with the highest of hopes - new town, new job, and new neighbors who know nothing of his past. And that's just how he wants to keep it. But it's nearly impossible when the gorgeous brunette next door decides to be the neighborhood welcome wagon. She's sugar, spice, and everything nice - but getting close to someone again is playing with fire.

Brenna McConnell put college on hold to raise her little sister. Now that Eve is grown, Brenna is ready to leave Blueberry Creek and finish what she started. Moving on isn't easy, however, when her gruff new neighbor gives Eve a dangerous firefighting job. And yet, even as Brenna is telling him off for putting her sister in harm's way, she can't deny the sizzling chemistry between them. She put her dreams on hold once. Is she willing to make that sacrifice again for a chance at forever?

Includes the bonus novella "Sealed With a Kiss"by Melinda Curtis!
My Thoughts:
With Luke a settling into a new position at the local firehouse in a new town, he’s not looking for love. Even less so with a neighbor, because if things go bad it could be an awkward every day, right? However, Brenna is in his path and soon in his heart.

Brenna isn’t looking for love either since she’s not planning on staying in town.  She’s off to finish her degree after putting her schooling on hold to care for her sister since their parents were killed in a car crash. But her new neighbor Luke proves to be irresistible. However, Brenna’s not entirely happy with Luke when he hires her sister as the new firefighter.  Since losing their parents, Brenna, can’t help the overprotective tendencies she feels. Something her younger sister does not appreciate. There’s some back and forth with Eve and Brenna and I really wanted to shake Eve a few times because she was sooo ungrateful. However, after getting Eve’s side of things, I could understand a little of her behavior, even if it was childish, in my opinion.

Luke and Brenna weren’t looking for love, but isn’t that when you usually find it? Sure, there were some obstacles, but I enjoyed the sweet and gradual, inevitable progression of their romance! The small-town of Sweetwater Springs sounded charming, and the story was filled with a fun cast of secondary characters.

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  1. Small town romances are always fun and comforting to read. I like that there is some examination of a complicated family dynamic too.

  2. Aww this sounds like a sweet and heartwarming stories. Who can resist a story abot two people who don't want to fall in love, but end up doing it anyways! :)

  3. I enjoy small town romance and this sounds right up my alley.

  4. That is definitely when it seems like you always find it! This sounds so good and definitely a great weekend read!

  5. I want a cute firefighter to move in next door to me! ;D

  6. This one looks like a warm-hearted one to me, too. Too bad about the sister being a bit self-absorbed, but also another layer to the story.

  7. Slow-burn romances are my favorite, and small town stories remind me of where I grew up before starting college. I'm glad you enjoyed this book! :)

    claire @ clairefy

  8. Lol, yes when you are not looking you find it, esp in romance novels :D

  9. I love s charming small town setting, and fun characters too! The best part of a gradual romance is it feels more authentic, and I feel like the build-up makes it so much better. Lovely Review Rachel :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

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