Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Infinite Dolls by Emalynne Wilder

Infinite Dolls by Emalynne Wilder
Publication date: May 3rd 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance
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Born to be the best.

Head of his class.

No strings attached.

The third year of medical school is supposed to be the hardest, but Callum Trovatto has no idea what he’s about to face when Everly Anne Brighton stands between him and a passing grade, shaking up his world with her secrets, and digging into his dark past.


Trapped by her father’s rules.

Longing for freedom.

Expected to die before her twenty-first birthday at the hands of a rare medical condition, Everly Brighton begins to defy the carefully crafted routine her father enforces to keep her alive, despite the fact that it could kill her.

INFINITE DOLLS is an emotionally charged love story about finding faith, coping with loss and living in the preciousness of Now.

My Thoughts
I knew going into Infinite Dolls by Emalynne Wilder I’d probably be pulled in all different directions emotionally, and seeing the initial reviews with such promising ratings, I had high hopes for this story. Well, Wilder’s debut novel was everything I expected… unique, emotional and most of all hopeful. Well done!

Callum Trovatto is in his third year of medical school and knows that the last thing he has time for is falling in love. Well as fate would have it, Callum is expected to complete a differential on a patient for one of his classes, however Everly Anne Brighton has no intentions of making this easy on him. Everly Anne has spent her entire life being questioned, probed and treated by insensitive doctors because of her rare condition, so when Callum is expected to diagnose her condition she takes a standoff approach. Therefore, Callum decides to use an unconventional method, which is to get to know her first in the hopes she will open up. But as he and Everly Anne begin to spend time together, a love between these two slowly transpires, and Everly Anne and Callum must face fate’s cruel hand.

First off, I really enjoyed that Infinite Dolls was told in Callum’s perspective. I was worried that as a reader, I’d be submerged into a painful medical experience from someone suffering from a rare condition. Wilder proved that she can make her story just as emotional coming from a third year medical student that refuses to let fate and cruel doctors dictate how and when he and Everly Anne can build a life together.

Secondly, I was pleasantly surprised at how Wilder was able to take a rare disease and have her readers journey along with Callum as he tried to diagnose her condition. I never heard of the disease and learning about it was a combination of fascinating and heartbreaking.

Overall, the high ratings don't lie. Emalynne Wilder hit it out of the ballpark with her debut novel and I can’t wait to see was she writes next. Emotional story that was both unique and heartfelt.
4 Suns

Emalynne Wilder is the voice of the Broken-Hearted. The Forgotten. The Unheard. Painfully shy in person. Unapologetic on paper. She’s the girl listening to your dirt from the corner of the room as she plots how to turn tragedy into triumph.

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  1. Infinite dolls sounds great ♡ thank you

  2. Great review, Arlene! This sounds like a great read and emotional, too!