Sunday, February 26, 2017

Review: Abduction by Cynthia Eden

Publication Date: February 21st 2017 by Harlequin Intrigue
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About the book:

New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden has killer instincts when it comes to breathtaking suspense!

Once the town troublemaker, Sheriff Hayden Black became the teen hero who saved young Jillian West from a savage kidnapper. He never got over their brief affair. Now the ex-SEAL and the burned-out FBI agent have reunited in their Florida hometown and rediscovered their powerful attraction. But as they hunt down a long-forgotten killer, will they get a second chance at happiness? When a series of accidents begins to plague Jill, Hayden won't let her fall victim again. There's too much history between them…and too much desire.

My Thoughts:
As teenagers, Hayden and Jillian are bonded together after he rescues her from a kidnapper.  They stick together and fall in love, but as often happens with young love, it didn’t end well. They’ve both never quite recovered.

Now ten years later, Jillian is an FBI agent needing some time off to recharge after a case gone bad.  She goes home recuperate, and doesn’t expect to find Hayden back, too, seeing as he’s supposed to be away serving as a Navy SEAL.  But her intel is a little outdated, and Jillian’s faced with the man who broke her heart.  

Hayden let Jillian go ten years back, but he won’t make the same mistake twice. She may not be ready to let him back in yet, but the sparks are still there and they now have a common goal: solve the cold case murder of Christy Anderson, a teenager taken and killed immediately after Jillian’s rescue. 

I loved that Jillian was a smart, well-trained woman able to defend herself, but smart enough to know when to take help when needed.  I hate it when a character goes off half-cocked, recklessly charging toward avoidable danger.  Not the case with Jillian. 

I’m always a sucker for a second chance romance.  Hayden and Jillian never got over their first love, and so I wanted to see them happy and together.  Hayden was determined and Jillian was understandably cautious, but didn’t push him away.  They didn’t hold back their thoughts or feelings about the past, working things out while trying to stay one step ahead of a killer.  This became trickier as the threats became more and more dangerous!  This wacko just didn’t quit!

I love Cynthia Eden’s writing! She kept me on the edge of my seat for much of the story with action, thrills, and twists! I had to read Abduction straight through!

After meeting Samantha Dark, Jillian’s FBI profiler friend, I’m looking forward to her books in this series!

4 Suns

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review & Giveaway: Cole's Redemption by J.D. Tyler

Publication Date: March 4th 2014 by NAL/Signet Eclipse
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About the book:

Once, they were Navy SEALS. Now they are the Alpha Pack: a top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers who take on the darkest dangers on Earth. But sometimes the greatest danger lies within their own hearts....

Healer and black wolf shifter Zander Cole has survived horrors that would have broken a weaker man. But when a battle leaves him deaf and his powers dimmed, Zan is devastated. Believing himself to be a burden to his team, he sees only one option: leave the Pack forever.

White wolf shifter Selene Westfall knows pain—she is certain her father was responsible for her mother’s death. And she lives to exact revenge. So when she is challenged by a savage black wolf, she puts up a vicious fight—only to become the black wolf’s Bondmate as a result of his bite.

Two damaged souls—one filled with hatred and one who’s lost his reason for living—are forced together as they come to terms with their unlikely, turbulent bond. A love neither expected may be all that stands between them and a killer trying desperately to keep the past dead and buried....

My Thoughts:
Zander and Selene are bonded together accidently when Zander takes a bite out of her, while in wolf form, fending off her attack on Nick, his commander. Selene is hell bent on taking revenge out on her father, Nick, after being brought up to think he killed her mother.  As a reader it is evident there’s more to this story, but it took a while to get to the truth.  I wanted these two to get to the truth and repair their father/daughter relationship, seeing as the lies caused them both so much pain.

In the meantime, Zander and Selene must make sense of their surprise bond as the Alpha Team track rogue vampires on a killing streak.  Yes, this was all a little instant romancey, but hey, shifter stories can usually make that work.  Selene and Zander were pretty well matched for not meeting previously, and their attraction was powerful thanks to the mating bond.

My only complaint with this story was the reckless choices Zander made with his life.  Using his paranormal abilities to heal others put him in danger, because he was healing from previous injuries. We’re talking blowing-blood-vessels-in-his-brain-and-dying kind of danger.  Going out with the rest of his pack to hunt these rogue vampires seemed completely stupid when his doctors repeatedly warned him of the danger.  I wanted to smack him more than a few times! Also, why didn’t Nick, as his commander, ban him from going?

Cole’s Redemption is the second book I’ve read in the Alpha Pack series and other than some last minute drama that made me want to throw something, I really enjoyed it.  The story was fast paced, action packed and full of sexy times! Shifter romances are always so much fun, filled with primal instincts and possessiveness!  Whenever I discover Kirsten Potter is the narrator I try and “read” the book by audio (which you can add for only $3.49 when you buy the Kindle version).  Her performance was a treat as usual! 

I’ve already downloaded the next book, Nick’s story. What he went through at the end of this book twisted my stomach, so I’m sure his story will be a bumpy ride…

3.5 Suns

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review & Giveaway: Holding on Tighter by Shayla Black

Publication Date: February 7th 2017 by Berkley
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

About the book:

Jolie Quinn is a woman in charge. Her no-nonsense attitude has made her a rising star in the fashion world and her brand a household name among the Dallas elite. Nothing will stop her from achieving her goals—not even the gorgeous British security contractor who seems just as interested in seeing her personal assets as he is in protecting her professional ones.

After a tragedy left him broken, Heath Powell made a rule of staying unattached. But Jolie challenges him in a way he can’t ignore, and he isn’t used to backing down from a confrontation—especially when the reward for winning could feel so good. As passion blazes between them, the stubborn, confident beauty arouses more than his desire. She touches his heart.

When a mysterious enemy threatens Jolie and her company, Heath is the only person Jolie can trust to help. But working with him to save her business might put her dangerously at risk of falling in love…

My Thoughts:
Heath Powell hasn’t had a relationship since his wife died seven years back.  He gets by with the meaningless hookups figuring he doesn’t deserve happiness when he couldn’t protect his wife from a violent death. No one tempts Heath to change things until he starts working as Jolie Quinn’s chief of security.  She’s confident, smart, and doesn’t bend for any man, and while Heath is the consummate dominant personality, he’s powerfully attracted to Jolie.  He’s tempted by her more than he’s ever been tempted by any woman. Could he get this strong-willed, feisty woman to submit? It would certainly be fun to try.

Jolie was raised seeing her mother center her life around the wants and whims of a man, only to be used and have her heart broken. Jolie refuses to be that woman.  She’s built her business from scratch and doesn’t need a man to provide anything for her.  Or so she thinks.  Jolie’s very drawn to Heath, but she’s heard about his reputation and therefore keeps her distance. She will not become another notch in his belt, but when a threat puts her sister and her in danger, Jolie must put aside her reservations about Heath and stick close.  Can she resist that dangerous pull of attraction or will she become a heartbroken castoff like her mother has done time and time again?

This was a high intensity romance, from the burning attraction Jolie and Heath share to the danger they face.  I wouldn’t categorize this as a BDSM romance, but there was some definite power play between Jolie and Heath. He wants her to submit her body and trust that he can provide mind blowing pleasure by doing so.  As they draw closer, Heath wants Jolie to submit her mind and heart, as well.  I enjoyed the push and pull, and their time together got me hot and bothered!

While I easily guessed the mystery behind all the threats it was still an exciting ride. I was a little annoyed with some stupid behavior in the end, but the situation was short lived so it wasn’t too bad.

3.5 Suns

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Review: Lit Fuse by Caisey Quinn

Publication Date: January 31st 2017 by InterMix
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About the book:

Caisey Quinn—author of the Neon Dreams romances—delivers a prequel novella in an explosive new romantic suspense series...

When Chase Fisk enrolled in the United States Army, it was mostly to escape a dead- end job working with his alcoholic father. The military provided him with a sense of belonging, and his brothers in arms became the family he never thought he’d have. He’s ready to embrace his promotion to Commanding Officer over a group of new explosive tech recruits—but he isn’t ready for her.

Vivian Brooks grew up in a military family and is unlike any woman Chase has ever met. The recently enlisted recruit is beautiful, tenacious, and as steady with her hands as any EOD technician he’s ever seen. She tempts him in every way possible, challenging him at all turns and taunting him with a body that haunts his waking moments and most of his sleeping ones. But as their forbidden romance could threaten their careers if it’s discovered, Vivian’s buried secrets threaten to destroy them both.

Includes a teaser for Live Wire.

My Thoughts:
Both Chase and Vivian have serious life goals and dreams.  Chase is teaching a bunch of newbies the ropes with explosives and little does he know Vivian will be his star pupil.  That is after they spend a night of heated passion together, not knowing that they will be in a commanding officer/subordinate relationship.  Chase can hardly think straight teaching when Vivian is one of his students, but he puts his feelings of lust and attraction aside to do his job.  Neither wants to risk all that they’ve worked for, for a fling.  But at the same time both realize this is more than a fling and they can’t resist the pull between them. 

Angst, longing and passion are what I felt from these two! That ending should be a crime, and it left me wanting to get my hands on Live Wire immediately, if not sooner! Thankfully Live Wire will be released very soon.  After that cliffhanger, I wonder how things will play out for this lovesick couple! Excellent, addictive writing and setup for this series! I can’t wait to pick up Live Wire

4 Suns

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review & Giveaway: Someone to Hold by Mary Balogh

Publication Date: February 7th 2017 by Jove Books
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About the book:

Humphrey Wescott, Earl of Riverdale, has died, leaving behind a fortune and a scandalous secret that will forever alter the lives of his family—sending one daughter on a journey of self-discovery...

With her parents’ marriage declared bigamous, Camille Westcott is now illegitimate and without a title. Looking to eschew the trappings of her old life, she leaves London to teach at the Bath orphanage where her newly discovered half-sister lived. But even as she settles in, she must sit for a portrait commissioned by her grandmother and endure an artist who riles her every nerve.

An art teacher at the orphanage that was once his home, Joel Cunningham has been hired to paint the portrait of the haughty new teacher. But as Camille poses for Joel, their mutual contempt soon turns to desire. And it is only the bond between them that will allow them to weather the rough storm that lies ahead...

My Thoughts:
Camille Westcott’s life as she knew it changed in one afternoon. The Earl of Riverdale, her father didn’t legally marry her mother, couldn’t have because he was already married to another woman, making Camille and her siblings bastards in the process.  In one afternoon, Camille is stripped of her title, house and fortune. As if that were not bad enough her fiancé, Viscount Uxbury, broke things off once he found out. Yet, we soon find out that all this may have been the best tragedy to befall Camille. Not that she realizes it right away.

For Camille, a girl striving for her father’s approval and love meant being the perfect lady.  Things like passion and romantic love never factored in that future. When the truth of her life becomes apparent Camille struggles with her identity.  Who is she without her title and the future she clung to? Camille moves to Bath with her Grandmother and sister, and attempts to figure that out, all the while coping with the blow of her father’s treachery and fiancé’s rejection.  She applies for a teaching job at the orphanage, Anna, her half sister and the true heir to her father’s fortune was raised and taught at. There is where she meets Joel, the somewhat shabby, disheveled and very male art teacher.  Joel stirs up feelings she never considered before!

Camille was a stiff, entitled snob in the last book, spurning Anna’s attempts to make things right and fair for all of the Earl of Riverdale’s children, even though she had no obligation to do so. Anna was the one who grew up in an orphanage even though she was truly a lady.  The late Earl injured all his children by his deception, but Camille was too proud to take Anna’s kindness.  Seeing her character growth from the effect the children of the orphanage had on her, to the pride that comes from making your own way, and then feeling and falling in love was very moving!  Camille took to heart the lessons life forced her to learn.  Her previously controlled and well-ordered life went out the window and her heart began to thaw. 

Joel and Camille’s relationship started out antagonistic, but some of my favorite romances start out that way.  I loved the push and pull, and then their fumbling about as they’re drawn together!

Someone to Hold was so very enchanting! Mary Balogh’s writing was insightful, and beautiful! She really got to the heart of her characters, so many layers and feelings! I felt their emotions and was a little overwhelmed to the point of tears, both happy and sad, several times.  I can’t wait for the next story in Westcott series! Alexander’s story is next.

4.5 Suns

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Review: Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher

Published December 24th 2016
When Fig Coxbury buys a house on West Barrett Street, it's not because she likes the neighborhood, or even because she likes the house. It's because everything she desires is next door: The husband, the child, and the life that belongs to someone else.

My Thoughts
I don't even... hmm okay all I can say for now is Tarryn Fisher deserves her own genre category possibly someone like 'twisted reality'... IDK... in other words she stands alone.

Bad Mommy is yet another example of why I enjoy reading Tarryn Fisher’s novels. You never know what emotional and psychological experience she has in store for you. Going in blind and coming out spent is pretty much my constant experience with her, which is something I quite enjoy!

In this novel, we come across three characters that tell their story in the most unforgettable way. You have Fig Coxbury who kicks off this twisted tale with her obsession to take over Jolene Avery’s life. Fig is fixated on Jolene’s daughter Mercy and is convinced that is her child. When she goes so far as to moving in next door to the Averys, things become even more twisted and dark. Jolene and Darias appear to have the perfect marriage, but when their story unfolds, as the old adage goes… ‘nothing is never quite as it seems’becomes the theme of this story. Add on secondary characters such as George and Ryan, and you never lose sight that Bad Mommy has so many twists and turns to enjoy.

Overall, this novel captivated me. I loved the gritty feel to it that had me constantly asking… “How far are these characters willing to go?” I don’t think I’ve ever met a cast quite as twisted and extreme as Fig, Darias and Jolene.

Tarryn Fisher is bold with her writing and honest with her delivery. Experiencing her storytelling as a complicit bystander is the best fictional experience one can ask for. Just be prepared to go on a journey where Fisher has full control of your emotions and psyche. Intense!
4 Suns

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Giveaway Hop: For the Love of Books Blog Hop

Exciting news!! Waves of Fiction is offering another giveaway. We are excited to join Valerie @Stuck in Books with the perfect giveaway hop for February that is featuring a book we absolutely LOVE, and we are also offering a bookish shopping spree. 

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So what book do I want to feature? Well 2017 has started off pretty good. I've come across some interesting books, but I have to say that so far The Hating Game by Sally Thorne has delighted me quite a bit. Fun and sexy banter between two characters with tons of chemistry is always a hit for me. So be sure to check it out!
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Review: At Close Range by Laura Griffin

Publication Date: January 31st 2017 by Pocket Books
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

About the book:

New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin “delivers the goods” (Publishers Weekly) again with the eleventh title in the gritty, heart-pounding Tracers series.

When a lakeside tryst ends in a double murder, police detective Daniele Harper arrives on the scene determined to get answers. Clues are everywhere, but nothing adds up. Dani turns to the Delphi Center crime lab for help, but soon regrets it when her secret attraction to their chief firearms examiner threatens to distract her from the most important case of her career.

As a ballistics expert and former Navy SEAL, Scott Black knows firearms, and he knows he can help Dani unravel her case. Scott has managed to hide his interest in his best friend’s younger sister for years, but when her investigation brings them together, the sparks between them quickly burn out of control. Scott resolves to keep his hands off Dani and his eyes on the goal—identifying a killer. But when that killer zeroes in on her, all bets are off. There isn’t a line Scott won’t cross to convince Dani to trust him so that he can help her take down a ruthless murderer who has her in his sights.

My Thoughts:
A couple is found shot and killed in the forest, and Dani finds herself heading the investigation into their deaths. The murders are high profile, but Dani finds more questions than answers as she investigates.  Integral to the investigation is the Delphi Center, a forensic specialty center lending its services to the local police in cases where quick, solid answers are necessary.  Scott Black, Dani’s long time unrequited crush, is the resident expert of ballistics from the Delphi Center assigned to the case throwing Dani and Scott together after an steamy New Year’s encounter six months earlier.  They shared a drunken, passionate kiss, and since then Scott has been avoiding her.  Can they keep things professional tracking down a ruthless killer? I certainly hoped not!

At Close Range blended together all the things I love in romantic suspense: lots of action, danger, and a romance full of chemistry!  I do love a romance of unrequited love!  Scott and Dani’s history is full of yearning and denial, setting the romance up for an inevitable collision; something a long time coming! Scott was the best friend of Dani’s older brother, and basically for fifteen years Dani has secretly lusted for him.  She knows his reputation with women. Never seeing him with the same one twice, Dani’s very hesitant to start anything with Scott, even with the explosive chemistry they share.  She doesn’t want to be another notch in his bedpost and lose their friendship in the process, but at the same time working together they can’t resist the insane pull between them: 

“Scott, aren’t you worried about everything?”
“I am.” She eased back and looked at him.  “This could ruin our friendship.”
“I don’t want to be your friend anymore, Daniele.” He slid a hand up to cup her face. “It’s this or nothing for us.”

They spend nights together after barely surviving the attacks thrown their way, and all that pent up attraction boils to the surface making for some pretty heated scenes!   It was a, hot, exciting read!

I’ve only read one other book in the Tracers series, but this didn’t hamper my enjoyment at all.  At Close Range can be read and enjoyed completely as a stand-alone story.  Buckle up for an intense ride!

4 Suns

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
Published August 9th 2016 by William Morrow
Nemesis (n.)
1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome;
2) A person’s undoing;
3) Joshua Templeman.Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. Hate. And they have no problem displaying their feelings through a series of ritualistic passive aggressive maneuvers as they sit across from each other, executive assistants to co-CEOs of a publishing company. Lucy can’t understand Joshua’s joyless, uptight, meticulous approach to his job. Joshua is clearly baffled by Lucy’s overly bright clothes, quirkiness, and Pollyanna attitude.

Now up for the same promotion, their battle of wills has come to a head and Lucy refuses to back down when their latest game could cost her her dream job…But the tension between Lucy and Joshua has also reached its boiling point, and Lucy is discovering that maybe she doesn’t hate Joshua. And maybe, he doesn’t hate her either. Or maybe this is just another game.

My Thoughts
What a treat! Sexy, fun, full of witty banter... I must have eaten a couple pounds of chocolate while reading this book! That's my signature indulgence move... eating chocolate while reading something I'm falling hard for.

In The Hating Game, we get the pleasure of meeting Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman who happen to be rival co-workers that sit across from each other as executive assistants to their respective co-CEOs. It all started when their publishing companies merged into one, and these two opposites have been engaging in a battle of wills from the very start. However, the game gets even more intense when a position becomes available and Lucy and Josh become the main contenders. All bets are off and every man… and woman for him/herself.

The Hating Game quickly caught my attention as I kept seeing it pop up on my feed. The numerous raving reviews from my fellow readers were spot on. This novel had all the right elements to keep me engaged. Fun dialogue, loveable characters, on-going yet light drama… Great mix of everything I enjoy in a contemporary romance.

Lucy and Josh have the best chemistry from start to finish. They will surely land as one of my fave fictional couples this year. I don't think I've had one in a while!
5 Suns