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14-Days of Giveaways from Romance at Random!

Hello readers! Our friends at Loveswept and Ballantine Bantam Dell have re-launched their site: Romance at Random and in celebration they have this awesome giveaway: 14-Days of Giveaways. Here is their message:

To celebrate the launch and the start of February—our favorite month for romance!—we're working with our friends at Penguin to give you 14 straight days of giveaways! Every day between February 1st and February 14th, you'll have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win that day's themed prize pack, which includes a mix of print and e-Original titles from Penguin Random House. Eighty-five of your favorite authors are involved—Sylvia Day, J. Kenner, Suzanne Brockmann. 

Click HERE to sign up.

Their list of authors includes some of Waves of Fiction favorites such as: Monica Murphy, A.L. Jackson, Erin McCarthy, Maya Banks, Julie James, Karen Marie Moning, M. Leighton, Ruthie Knox, Samantha Young, Sylvain Reynard and more!  This sounds like a great event so we wanted to share it with our lovely readers!

Blog Tour, Playlist & Giveaway: Serenity Falls by Tiffany Aleman & Ashley Poch

Welcome to our tour stop for Serenity Falls by Tiffany Aleman & Ashley Poch. This tour is hosted by Into the Night Reviews. Thanks for including us!  A hot romance on a Texas horse ranch sounds like a lot of fun!  For our tour stop I have the playlist, which include some great country songs, and $20 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs. 

Serenity Falls
Serenity Falls by Tiffany Aleman & Ashley Poch 
Publication: December 6th 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover Design by: Sarah Hansen
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

About the book:

Kenleigh Briggs suffered debilitating depression at the age of twelve after losing both parents in a tragic house fire. Her aunt assumed guardianship and forced Kenleigh to learn how to horseback ride. She soon developed a bond with the horses that helped her work out and deal with her depression.

Seven years later, young Kenleigh is now a sophomore at the University of Texas, San Antonio.  During summer break, she arrives at Serenity Falls, a horse ranch devoted to helping children with disabilities learn to ride. She loves watching the kids build the same healing bonds with the horses that she did. She really finds satisfaction in paying it forward.

Wesley Adams, the son of the ranch’s owners, is a professional bull rider who lives in Dallas.  With his blond hair, Caribbean blue eyes, and tattooed muscular body, he is the epitome of every woman’s dream. Wesley is good guy, but he harbors a past he's not proud of.

Kenleigh has learned to take life head on. Content with the way her life is going, Kenleigh never expected Wesley. He takes Kenleigh on the ride of her life, but will she accept him faults and all? As Kenleigh and Wesley discover a love like they have never known, will they also discover the best parts of life they are missing?


About Tiffany:
Tiffany is 27 years old, with a wonderful family. Her husband is in the Army, and they have two wonderful children. Ashley and Tiffany have been best of friends since they were 13. Tiffany recently graduated from South University with an Associate's Degree as a Paralegal. She enjoys listening to music, playing with her kids, going to the beach, and pretty much anything that has to do with the outdoors.

Tiffany has always loved to write, but never really had an interest in reading until the summer of 2012. She is so excited to be taking her writing journey with Ashley and has a number of authors she classes as her favorites, including E.L. James, S.C. Stephens, Molly McAdams, Rebecca Donovan, K.A. Linde, Marie Coulson and S.H. Kolee.

About Ashley:
Ashley grew up in Texas but now has joined her husband to reside in Virginia. She is a military wife and mother to two adorable children. Ashley has always wanted to travel having grown up in a small town. Her interest in reading sparked last summer and now she’s a lost cause without her e-reader. Since she loves to travel, the places she gets to go in her fictional books are what any girl could ask for. When Ashley isn’t glued to her computer you can find her outdoors either playing with her children or relaxing and enjoying the sun reading a good romance novel.

Social Media Links:

As part of this tour we have a $20 Amazon Gift Card that will be awarded to one lucky winner. Simply fill out the rafflecopter for a chance to win. Good luck!

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Blog Tour Review, Interview & Giveaway: Savor by Monica Murphy

I'm excited to be part of the Blog Tour for Savor by Monica Murphy because I'm a huge fan of her writing ever since reading her Drew + Fable series. This tour is hosted by InkSlinger PR. Thanks for including us! For our stop I have my review, and an extra special treat, an interview with Monica Murphy! Last but not least, we have a wonderful giveaway: A Signed Set of the Billionaire Bachelors Club series! 

Publication Date: January 21st 2014 by Avon Impulse
About the book:
New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy concludes her sexy Billionaire Bachelors Club series with a fiery romance that refuses to be left at the office…

Bryn James can’t take much more. Smart, sexy Matthew DeLuca is everything she wants in a man, but he’s also her boss—the youngest, hottest vineyard owner in the Napa Valley—and he doesn’t see her as anything more than his shy assistant. That’s all about to change. Armed with a hot new look and an attitude to match, Bryn is determined to catch Matt’s eye… professionalism be damned.

With his winery’s grand reopening approaching, Matt is trying to stay focused, but Bryn is suddenly making it very difficult. He’s always thought her prim demeanor effortlessly sexy, but Matt can’t deny that her transformation is jaw-dropping …and going to make it very difficult to keep his hands to himself.

But when one thing leads to another and suddenly Matt is stripping Bryn bare, he’ll be faced with the biggest risk of his career—and his heart. Can he convince her—and himself—that this might just be more than a no-strings office affair?

My Thoughts:
Monica Murphy is one of my favorite romance writers, and Savor did not disappoint.  Matt and Bryn are not looking for love, but aren’t those always the ones who fall the hardest?

Matt DeLuca is an ex-pro baseball player turned winery owner.  He bought up a failing winery, employees and all, closed it down to revamp it and bring it back to life.  Matt’s worked hard to turn it into a success and he’s just about to open it back up to the public, and hopefully make it a success.  Bryn James, his assistant, came with the winery and has been by his side every step of the way.  Her efficiency and hard work have been invaluable to Matt, and so giving into his growing attraction to her could be disastrous.  She is his employee and subordinate after all, and if things went wrong he could lose his best asset. The funny thing about this whole situation is that Bryn is completely not his type!  She wears dowdy, ill fitting suits, no makeup, and sensible shoes.  Yet, this woman seems to be driving him wild!

There’s something going on under those bland, downright unflattering clothes too. I can tell. I’m not an idiot. She’s hiding breasts and an ass that are probably pretty damn amazing.

Matt’s stunned when Bryn rethinks her look.  He thought she was irresistible before, now he’s a goner for sure!

Having a crush on the boss is a really bad idea for Bryn.  She needs this job to stay in Napa and away from her hometown in Texas, but working so close with Matt has made falling for him inevitable. It’s not even that he’s so completely gorgeous, maybe Bryn could resist that, but he’s the whole package: smart, fair and passionate about everything he does. Still, the situation could get very sticky, but she’s having a hard time telling herself no.

Both Matt and Bryn were highly likable characters, and I was rooting for them to get together from page one.  Seeing these two fight their feelings and slowly lose the battle was enjoyable.  I love the idea of not being attracted to someone initially, and then falling hard when you get to know them. It’s usually a much more intense connection, and Matt and Bryn had some fiery scenes to prove it! Monica Murphy never lets you down in the spice department!

Savor was a sweet and spicy romance that ticked all the boxes for me.  I can’t wait to see what Monica Murphy comes up with next!
4 Suns

Author Interview:

Now for the extra special treat, Monica Murphy has agreed to answer my most pressing questions about the series and writing!  

Q: What spurred the idea of writing about three Billionaire Bachelors falling in love?

Truthfully? Avon Impulse put out a call for a series featuring billionaires. I put something together, sent it to my editor, they asked for a few tweaks and then…they said yes. I mean come on, who can resist a sexy billionaire bachelor? J

Q: Can you tell us which story was easiest or hardest to write and the one you most relate to?

The hardest one to write was TORN only because I was smack in the middle of a bunch of deadlines all at once and I felt like I was drowning a little bit. The one I can most relate to would have to be SAVOR only because I really love Bryn. Not that I’m a beauty keeping myself under wraps but I really enjoyed writing her because she felt very real to me.

Q: Which character do you relate to the most, and which one gave you the most trouble writing?

Well, I sorta answered this question already above but it is definitely Bryn. She’s the most “real” woman of the three, I think. Though I do love Ivy and Marina for all of their feistiness…

Q: Bryn is described as looking like Angelina Jolie, if she wore dowdy suits and no make-up, that is.  If you had to cast Matthew, who would fit the bill?

Such a hard question! I don’t know. He’s tall and broad and dark and muscular and hot…any dude who looks like that would fit the bill.

Q: Is Savor the last in this series? 

Yes, I’m sad to say that it is. I will miss my BBC boys. *sniff*

Q: How does writing a novella compare to writing a full length story? 

I love writing both. With a novella, sometimes it’s trickier because you have to condense all the action into a shorter format. So you have to write tight and stay focused. That can be a challenge. With a novel, you can explore things more…I like bouncing back and forth writing both. Keeps me from getting bored.

Q: What influenced you to start writing and publishing novels?

I found a bunch of romance novels in a bag in the hall closet when I was a teen. They were my mom’s. I started reading them (most historicals) and I fell in love. I’d always been a big reader and I realized that I wanted to be a writer someday.

Q: What kind of books do you enjoy reading and what is the last book you read?

I like mostly romance. I rarely read anything else anymore. I like historical, contemporary, YA, romantic suspense, NA…I love it all!

Q: How do you spend your time when you’re not writing?

I spend my time with my family. My kids keep us going. I also try and read as much as I can.

Q: What are you working on now?

I’m working on something I…can’t talk about right now. But I hope to have more information to announce soon!!

Thank you for having me today!

Thank you, Monica, for stopping by Waves of Fiction! I look forward to your next lovely story!

About Monica Murphy: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.

Connect with Monica Murphy:

As part of this Tour we have an awesome giveaway: A Signed Set of the Billionaire Bachelors Club series!  Simply fill out the rafflecopter for a chance to win.  The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.  Good luck!

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Cover Reveal: Sex on the Beach Series!!

Today is the big cover reveal for the SEX ON THE BEACH series! This series includes the novellas BEFORE YOU by Jenna Bennett, BETWEEN US by Jen McLaughlin, and BEYOND ME by Jennifer Probst. 

the SEX ON THE BEACH series
coming MARCH 4th 


Dear Reader,

Prepare yourself for Sex on the Beach, a trilogy featuring BETWEEN US (Jen McLaughlin), BEYOND ME (Jennifer Probst), and BEFORE YOU (Jenna Bennett). Three separate novellas. Three different authors. One literary world. Read them all, or just read one. It's up to you! No matter which route you choose, these standalone novellas are sure to satisfy your need for sizzling romance and an emotion packed story.

Happy Reading!
Jen, Jenna, and Jennifer 

BEFORE YOU by Jenna Bennett
It’s all fun and games

I had a simple plan for spring break.

Sun, sand, and a hot guy. Sex on the beach, with no strings attached.

A chance to get rid of this pesky virginity once and for all.

And when I met Tyler McKenna, I thought I had it made.

Until someone gets hurt

But then girls started turning up at Key West landmarks. Girls who looked like me, but with one crucial difference: They’d all been drugged and relieved of their virginity.

The virginity I still have. The virginity Ty refuses to take.

And now I’ve begun to wonder whether there isn’t more to him than meets the eye.

Suddenly, sex on the beach doesn’t sound so good anymore...

BETWEEN US by Jen McLaughlin
I’m just a girl…
I’m a famous country star who’s spent her life cultivating a good girl persona to avoid bad press, but I’ve reached my limit. I’m going away for spring break with my two best friends from college, and we’ve vowed to spend the vacation seeking out fun in the sun—along with some hot, no-strings-attached sex. The only thing I needed was the perfect guy, and then I met Austin Murphy. He might be totally wrong for me, but the tattooed bad boy is hard to resist. When I’m in his arms, everything just feels right.

And I’m just a guy…
I’m just a bartender who lives in Key West, stuck in an endless cycle of boredom. But then Mackenzie Forbes, America’s Sweetheart herself, comes up to me and looks at me with those bright green eyes…and everything changes. She acts like she’s just a normal girl and I’m just a normal guy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. My past isn’t pretty, you know. I did what I had to do to survive, and she’d run if she learned the truth about my darkness. But with her, I’m finally realizing what it’s like to be alive. To laugh, live, and be happy.

All good things must come to an end...

BEYOND ME by Jennifer Probst
Spring break in Key West with my besties was supposed to be casual fun. But I never expected to meet James Hunt. Sex and frolic? Yes! A relationship? No. But his hot blue eyes and confident manner drew me in. And when he let me see the man behind the mask, I fell hard, foolishly believing there could be a future for us. Of course I never considered our relationship might be based on lies...or that his betrayal could rock my foundation and make me question everything I believed in...   

The moment I saw Quinn I knew I had to have her. She hooked me with her cool eyes and don’t touch me attitude. I had it all, money, social status, and looks. I could get any girl I wanted...until her. When my friends challenged me with a bet to get her into bed by the end of the week, I couldn’t pass it up. But sex wasn’t supposed to turn into love. She wasn’t supposed to change me, push me, and make me want more for myself. She wasn’t supposed to wreck me in all ways. And now, if I can’t turn my lies into truth, I just might lose her forever...
a Rafflecopter giveaway


For each book that gets to 500 adds, 5 pages of that novella will be released! 10 pages will be released after 600 adds, 15 pages after 800 adds, and 20 pages after 1000 adds! So, spread the word and be sure to add each book to your goodreads list.



Time for some teasers!


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Review & Giveaway: Layers (Stark #1) by Sigal Ehrlich

Layers (Stark #1) by Sigal Ehrlich
Published October 10th 2013
Purchase Link: Amazon
According to Hayley love is a subject of ridicule, a myth created by hopeless romantics.

When Hayley makes a resolution to declare her loose lifestyle era R.I.P, it’s all good in theory…

That is until she meets Daniel Stark, a well-respected, mid-thirties business man who is known for his short temper, lack of steady relationships as well as his strict preserve of his private life.

Opinionated, sharp tongued Hayley accidently steps into his office leaving Daniel resolved to put Hayley in her place and have her in his bed.

Both Hayley and Daniel can’t avoid the immediate instigation of the attraction between them.

In a unanimously agreed upon verdict by Hayley and her two best friends, Ian the gay self-absorbed, aspiring model and Natasha the witty, borderline neurotic soul mate, Daniel Stark is to be Hayley’s pure physical attraction, emotions aside era closure.

Will it indeed be a closure, or a beginning to something neither Hayley nor Daniel ever bargained for…

My Thoughts
I heart Layers… HARD!!
Well that was a lovely reading experience! I definitely enjoyed meeting the hot, sexy Mr. Daniel Stark, and I’m thinking it’s time to consider updating my laminated list of favorite fictional males because HOLY HOT MAN IN BOARD SHORTS Layers was DAMN good!!!! I want the next book now!!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me tell you about this book…

In Layers, we meet Daniel Stark who is the owner and inventor of Stark Solutions. He’s been listed in Forbes for his achievements and has amassed a wealth that has rivals trying to get a piece of his fortune. He doesn’t trust easily and forming any meaningful relationships hasn’t quite worked for him in the past. So when he crashes into Haley Grace as she tours his company and sneaks into his private kitchen for a quick caffeine fix, he’s taken aback by her bold assessment of Mr. Stark realizing she doesn’t quite know he’s the target of her harsh opinion.

Haley never intended to interview for Stark Solutions. To be frank, she lost a bet and found herself interacting with this mysterious Stark employee named Daniel and telling him how pretentious she finds the owner of the company to insist on a private kitchen. The nerve!

When she’s later asked to return for a second interview with the owner himself, she’s shocked to find that the employee she talked to in the kitchen is Mr. Stark himself. What ensues is her turning down a job offer and ripping him a new one for making a joke of her and disrespecting her time. However, as Daniel slowly drops his guard and exposes his passionate yet playful side, Haley finds herself intrigued and reconsiders her opinion of him. There begins a romance that’s not without its share of obstacles.

There are so many different layers to him; he never ceases to amaze me. ~ Haley

I immediately came to enjoy Haley Grace as a character. I like her openness and confidence, but what stood out most was her honest and accurate assessment of Daniel. Her mental dialog, which at times could be a bit harsh, was never off the mark. I sort of found her mental babble about him humorous. Haley’s not shy about sharing how she feels about Daniel and admitting he can be a bit arrogant, volatile with a side of psycho. However, there’s no doubt a genuine attraction and deep seeded longing for him exists and she ultimately begins to have strong feelings for Daniel.

Have you lost your words now, do you need a moment? ~Daniel

Daniel Stark is the quintessential attractive character that’s gorgeous, refined, and confident - yet can also be domineering and impulsive. I actually liked the edgy side to his character. It made him exciting and unpredictable which is how I like the leading male to be at times. But most importantly, I liked how Haley responded to Daniel and how she handled his mood shifts with tempered patience. She was never intimidated by him but rather would confront Daniel in a way that resonated with him. Haley had an ability to step back and view him from a careful distance to try and understand his responses to people and situations. They ultimately fell into a passionate yet playful relationship which was fun to see unfold. I enjoyed their moments together and reading their playful dialog created a light feeling to balance the heated moments. Exciting!

The sea, the sunset, our closeness, him, his words. I want to stay in this moment forever.

Sigal Ehrlich as a graceful, yet vivid way of making the reader feel like they’re in the moment with her characters. She’s not overly descriptive, so I can only describe it as knowing the right words to use at the perfect time to create that feeling where the reader is right alongside the cast as they journey through their day to day. She times her back-story reveals carefully to create the proper flow and pacing, which ultimately creates a solid grounding for feeling in the moment with the story.

In addition, I truly enjoyed the secondary cast, especially Tasha with her genuine ability to be the right kind of friend when Haley needed it. I would have loved to see more of Ian, but I have a feeling I’ll get my wish in the second book, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

Lastly, I knew going into it that there would be a cliffhanger. However, for some reason, the cliffhanger in Layers didn’t annoy me as most cliffies often do. I guess because Sigal Ehrlich did what authors should do in their first installment, which is to lay the foundation for the story, make you fall for the characters, don’t overwhelm the reader with excessive drama, yet whet your appetite for more because when you turn the final pages of the first book you’re not quite ready to let the story go. Well done! I can’t wait to read the continuation of Stark!
5 Suns
Book Two in the Stark Series!

Inner Core (Stark #2) by Sigal Ehrlich
Expected publication: January 31st 2014

When Hayley makes a resolution to take back the control over her life, and declare their relationship R.I.P, it’s all good in theory…

That is until Daniel decides to prove her wrong and get her back.

Together, Hayley and Daniel seem to have it all. But can love ever be enough when two strong personalities collide and while reality takes the lead?

Faced with more obstacles than she could have ever bargain for when it comes to Daniel, struggling to keep her own identity while sharing a life with her man. Buds of doubt start rooting in Hayley’s confidence, making her rethink her decision.

And just when it seems that they might make it together after all, life happens. Bringing a threat that neither Hayley nor Daniel could ever anticipate, a threat that could break them apart forever . . .
About the Author
By teen age, Sigal already lived in three different continents where she was lucky enough to experience and visit varied places, meet unique people, which only helped fuel her overly developed imagination. Currently, Sigal calls Estonia home where she lives with her husband and three kids.

Not exactly sure where they will end up next…

When she is not hiding in her office, writing, she enjoys music, reading and taking care of her little clan.

With a great believe in "don’t wait for things to happen - make them happen," she enjoys anything exciting life has to offer.

Author Links
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pintrest

The author was gracious enough to offer one lucky Waves of Fiction Blogluvin follower a SIGNED COPY of Layers (Stark #1). Simply fill out the rafflecopter and leave a thoughtful comment for Sigal Ehrlich. This giveaway is open to US Residents only. Good luck!
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Blog Tour (Review & Giveaway): The Secret of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel

Today, Waves of Fiction is participating in the Blog Tour for The Secret of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel. For our stop, we have the book details, a review and a tour-wide giveaway! Enjoy!

The Secret of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel 
Published by: Bloomsbury Spark
Publication date: December 19th 2013
Purchase Link: Amazon
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, New Adult
Lou is in the middle of a quarter-life crisis. Fresh out of college, she’s unemployed and unsure of herself. But when she gets the chance to escape to Scotland with her best friend, it could be the answer to her quest for self-discovery. The trip is not at all what she expected, especially when her tour guide turns out to be the dreamy historian Brian, and together they embark on a hunt for information about Isobel Key, a woman accused of witchcraft in the seventeenth century.

They set out to learn the truth of the condemned witch, but Lou isn’t prepared for the knowledge that awaits her. She must face her own demons if she has any hope of righting the wrongs of the past. Flashing between the seventeenth century and modern day Scotland, The Secret of Isobel Key is a mystery that will please readers of all ages.
My Thoughts
Louisa Ann had recently graduated from Leslie University in Boston and was still working retail at a local bookstore as she took the time to figure out her next steps. When she finally had enough and suddenly quit her job, she found herself at a crossroads of what to do next. Luckily, she was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Scotland with her friend Tammy, where she was inexplicably driven to research the witch hunt trials from the 1700’s. As she digs deeper into the case of Isobel Key, she uncovers more than she ever bargained for.

Overall, I felt that The Secret of Isobel Key was an interesting tale on a subject I’ve always been drawn to. However, I felt the heart of the story existed in those brief chapters that took us back to the 1700’s where we got to experience firsthand what the women who were persecuted as witches went through during the time of King James.

Jen McConnel weaved history and fiction so flawlessly that I would have easily been completely consumed by this book if it was entirely about Isobel Key. The back-story and evident research McConnel put into this novel was evident and powerful. Every time she shifted the story back to Isobel, I truly felt transported back in time.

I felt the weakness in the story lied with Louisa and Tammy. I had a sense that these two characters simply didn’t blend well. I was never convinced of the friendship that supposedly existed there, and it gave a constant superficial feel to the story. I feel Louisa would have made better progress and been a more interesting character if she carried the story on her own.

I did enjoy her time with Brian as they researched the witch hunts in Scotland, but their ending left me conflicted and confused.

The Secret of Isobel Key was an interesting tale that held some hidden gems within the ePages, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite what I had bargained for. However, I will continue to keep my eye out for Jen McConnel in the event she decides to publish a historical fiction because I feel she has a talent for transporting her readers into a different time and place by captivating them with her magic.
3 Suns

About the Author
Jen McConnel first began writing poetry as a child. A Michigander by birth, she now lives and writes in the beautiful state of North Carolina. When she isn’t crafting worlds of fiction, she teaches college writing composition and yoga. Once upon a time, she was a middle school teacher, a librarian, and a bookseller, but those are stories for another time. She is the author of The Secret of Isobel Key (NA 2013) and Daughter of Chaos (YA 2014). Visit to learn more.

Author Links
Prize (open US only): 
Beautiful Heathergems heart necklace, graciously donated by Heathergems.
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For more stops of these tour, you can go HERE.

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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Loving Cara by Kristen Proby

Today I'm part of the Blog Tour for the first in Kristen Proby's new series: Loving Cara (Love Under the Big Sky #1).  This tour is hosted by Inkslinger PR. Thanks for including us!  For my stop I have a review, plus and awesome INTERNATIONAL giveaway! So be sure to scroll down so you have a chance to win!

Publication Date: January 21st 2014 by Pocket Books
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble 

About the book:

In this new Love Under the Big Sky series from a USA TODAY bestselling author, Cara agrees to tutor her former classmate's nephew—and learns some lessons in love!

Josh King is an expert at running his family’s multi-million dollar ranch in Montana. (And all that outside manual labor has done wonders for sculpting his six-foot-three body, too.) But as sure footed as he is when it comes to the ranch, Josh doesn’t know anything about how to deal with an adolescent boy—so when his twelve-year-old nephew, Seth, is dropped off on his doorstep, looking scared and acting surly as hell, Josh knows he needs help in straightening him out.

Cara Donovan loves her quiet life as a teacher in her sleepy hometown, so she jumps at the chance to make a little money over the summer as a tutor. But when she learns she’ll be teaching Josh King’s nephew, Cara’s sweet summer job gets a little bit hotter. Cara tries to focus all her attention on tutoring Seth, but Josh proves to be a delicious distraction, while Josh’s memories of the shy girl he once teased in high school are nothing like the beautiful woman he’s facing now. Can he persuade her that there’s more between them than a summer fling?

My Thoughts:
Loving Cara was a sweet small town romance with plenty of spice. Oh, how I’d love to live on a beautiful Montana Ranch. Well, as long as it came with a hot rancher like Josh!

Cara went to school with Josh and Zack King who are identical twins.  Josh was the type to tease and pull her hair while passing in the hallways, but nothing ever became of it other than Cara having palpitations every time she saw him. Cara thought Josh never looked at her twice, with her being the chubby, frizzy haired girl growing up.  Now that Cara’s all grown up and a school teacher, she gets a job tutoring Seth, Zack’s twelve year old son at the King’s ranch for the summer.  Seth has been dropped off like a sack of potatoes by his horror of a mother, Kensie, and with Zack still in the army Josh is left with his care until his brother can get back.

The old fluttery feelings Cara used to have for Josh come flooding back when she sees him, and with tutoring Seth everyday in Josh’s house, those feelings become so much stronger.  Luckily for Cara, the attraction is mutual and before you know it Josh and Cara are hot and heavy, and can’t keep their hands off of each other.  Cara must battle her feelings of insecurity; she’s not sure what Josh sees in her.  Is she just a summer fling? And Josh for his part is confused by his fast and intense feelings for Cara. Can he trust these emotions when they've come on so quickly?

This romance was relatively angst and drama free which was a relief to me. That’s not to say there weren’t bumps in road, but they were short lived and handled pretty quickly.  Both characters were mature and completely devoted.  With that said I had a hard time connecting with this romance. I would’ve liked a little more buildup before these two were constantly going at it like rabbits.  I didn’t really get why Josh was suddenly crazy for Cara and couldn't get enough of her when he had made no moves on her in the past with them living in the same small town for years.  Plus, it seemed like Josh and Cara were going at it every other page.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my spice just as much as the next girl, but I like a little more story to go with it. 

I did enjoy this story and the setting was lovely.  I've always dreamed of living in a small beautiful ranch town like this one in Montana. Maybe that’s because I usually picture some sexy cowboys sauntering through! The setup with the secondary characters has me excited for companion stories.  The teaser in the end for Ty and Lauren’s story was really good!

3.5 Suns

A copy was provided by Pocket Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

About the Author: KRISTEN PROBY is the USA Today bestselling author of the popular With Me in Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type—fiercely protective and a bit bossy—and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, and sunshine. And naps. Visit her at

Connect with Kristen Proby:

1-signed copy of LOVING CARA and 3 e-Copies of LOVING CARA for one winner during the Blog Tour. This is an International giveaway, so YAY! Simply fill out the rafflecopter for a chance to win! Good luck!