Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Review: Live Wire by Caisey Quinn

Publication Date: March 7th 2017 by Berkley
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About the book:

Caisey Quinn—author of the Neon Dreams romances—delivers the debut novel in an explosive new romantic suspense series...


Explosive ordinance disposal specialist Chase Fisk never breaks a sweat defusing even the most complicated of explosives. So when a homicidal maniac threatens to set off military-grade IEDs during Nashville’s largest music festival, Chase is the man to take him down. But with the reappearance of a woman he thought was long dead, everything he thought he knew is blown away.


FBI operative Vivien Montgomery is an enigma to everyone around her. So when a deadly threat lands her in Nashville and paired up with the only man she’s ever loved, she isn’t looking forward to an emotional reunion. She’s only here to get the job done and get out. But when the madman behind the chaos targets her for death, the one man she left behind might be the only person she can count on to save her life... 
My Thoughts:
Chase Fisk thought he lost the love of his life, Vivian Brooks, four years ago, shattering his heart into bits.  When Vivian, now an FBI agent, shows up in Nashville assigned with his team to find the person intent on blowing up targets during a big music festival, Chase has the shock of his life.  Can he put aside his anger, hurt and feelings of betrayal and work with her to stop this madman before he strikes?

Oh, the flood of so many conflicting emotions!  My heart hurt for Chase and for Vivian (once I got her side of things). Chase was furious and upset with Vivian, and I couldn’t help but side with him, at first.  The pain of loss, the nightmares he experienced, all seemed so unnecessary, because Vivian wasn’t dead!  I could totally understand why Chase felt so betrayed.  But as Vivian’s side came out I felt for her as well, and I just wanted them to patch things up, and get back together.  This was the perfect blend of romance, and angst, my feelings being tugged all over the place for these two! 

Chase and Vivian find themselves faced with danger as they try and hunt down this madman, and I was on the edge of my seat wondering when the killer would strike next! I didn’t want to put my kindle down and just read straight through! 

While you could read Live Wire as a standalone, I would recommend reading the prequel, Lit Fuse, first.  I don’t think you’d feel the intensity of Chase and Vivian’s connection, or understand how deeply it cut when they separated four years earlier.  I loved their emotional story!

This is the first time I’ve picked up a story by Caisey Quinn.  She grabbed me by the heart and squeezed with Lit Fuse and Live Wire, and I enjoyed every minute! I’ll be watching out for anything she writes in the future! I hope we get Luke and Annalise’s story next!

4.5 Suns

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