Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Review: The Matrimonial Advertisement by Mimi Matthews

Publication Date: September 4th 2018 by Perfectly Proper Press
Pages: 388 Audio Length: 10 hours 49 minutes
Narrator: Justine Eyre
Source: Purchased
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About the book:

She Wanted Sanctuary...

Helena Reynolds will do anything to escape her life in London, even if that means traveling to a remote cliffside estate on the North Devon coast and marrying a complete stranger. But Greyfriar's Abbey isn't the sort of refuge she imagined. And ex-army captain Justin Thornhill--though he may be tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome--is anything but a romantic hero.

He Needed Redemption...

Justin has spent the last two decades making his fortune, settling scores, and suffering a prolonged period of torture in an Indian prison. Now, he needs someone to smooth the way for him with the villagers. Someone to manage his household--and warm his bed on occasion. What he needs, in short, is a wife and a matrimonial advertisement seems the perfect way to acquire one.

Their marriage was meant to be a business arrangement and nothing more. A dispassionate union free from the entanglements of love and affection. But when Helena's past threatens, will Justin's burgeoning feelings for his new bride compel him to come to her rescue? Or will dark secrets of his own force him to let her go?

My Thoughts:
What kind of man would post a marriage offer for a wife? What kind of woman would answer it? A man who wants/needs a wife but doesn’t want to go through the hoops of courtship. Yet, when Justin lays eyes on Helena and gets to know her, he’s willing to do a lot more than just jump through hoops.  Helena answers the advertisement seeking protection and refuge, just wanting a kind, protective man, but Justin stirs up a lot more than just shelter and friendship.  I loved seeing these two fall in love while battling insecurities, and getting to know each other, revealing their deepest secrets.

What Helena went through made me so angry!  I’m happy she found an advocate and protector and more with Justin. He also inspired her to courageously stand up for herself!  I loved Justin and was thrilled Helena came into his life! She was just the kind of woman he deserved after the past he endured!

I picked up The Marriage Advertisement after loving A Holiday by Gaslight. The e-copy and audio together were a steal of a deal on Amazon. I was riveted to the story, starting the audio book and then continuing to read traditionally needing to know how it all turned out!  The audio was fantastic, I highly recommend Justine Eyre!

Mimi Matthews is quickly becoming one of my favorite historical romance authors, which is why I’m pleased the series will continue with Helena’s best friend/companion, Jenny, in the next story: A Modest Independence releasing next week. Can’t wait!

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  1. That is quite the gamble she made, but I really guess she had to

  2. I want to read some more of her books after reading that same lovely Christmas story. This does sound fabulous. I love 'mail order bride' tropes. :)
    Justine Eyre is a favorite narrator of mine, too. :)

  3. I really liked this one, too! :D

  4. I haven’t read a historical romance in such a long time but I really like the sound of this one. I love it when two people are able to provide what the other needs so well. Sounds like they were a perfect match. I’ll be checking my library for this one. Enjoyed your review, Rachel!

  5. This sounds like an interesting read Rachel! I like how the main characters fall in love in an unconventional way, and battle their insecurities. It always keeps me turning the pages, when I want to find out what their secrets are. Awesome Review!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape