Thursday, December 23, 2021

Audio Review: Widow Falls by Kiersten Modglin


Widow Falls by Kiersten Modglin
Publication Date: December 14th 2021 by Dreamscape Media
Pages: 307
Audio Book Length: 7 hrs 56 min
Narrator: Jess Nahikian
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My Thoughts:
Sloane has taken a job at Widow Falls as a rapids guide needing a change after some painful events in her life. She’s a mid-season replacement to another guide, Landry, that went missing and the secrecy around her disappearance raises red flags. Odd living arrangements, shifty fellow guides and the missing girl’s journey makes Sloane suspicious of everyone’s motives. What happened to Landry and why is everyone so cagey about the circumstances? As Sloane reads more of Landry’s journal and compares it with the versions of “truth” given by her guide-mates, and things don’t add up.

I felt drawn in as if Sloane was telling her story directly to me, her discomfort in the living/working situation and immediate suspicions gave an edge to her story right away. Short, suspenseful chapters made it imperative to get through the story to find out what the heck was going on. I will say that after the buildup finding out what was going on was a bit of a letdown, and the ending was a little odd and confusing. Still, Widow Falls was a fast, entertaining listen.

I thought Jess Nahikian did a nice job conveying Sloane's distress and she did a wonderful job with both the male and female voices. 

3.5 Stars

Book Description:

The last girl went missing…
Someone doesn’t want her to be found.

When Sloane takes a job at the infamous whitewater rafting camp, Widow Falls, she quickly learns that the camp has a reputation for more than just summer fun.

People go missing at Widow Falls.

The guide she’s replacing was just one of many. As Sloane settles into her new home—a one-room apartment she’ll be sharing with the five other guides—she can’t help asking questions and digging into the disappearances she’s heard about. Her new roommates tell her stories of dark legends and dangerous folklore surrounding the secluded camp but assure her there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all just superstition.

When Sloane stumbles upon a clue and a secret message hidden beneath the floorboards of their loft, she begins to realize there may be more to the myths than she’s been told.

The message gets her attention: Don’t trust anyone at Widow Falls.

As she follows clues to better understand the missing guide she replaced, Sloane can’t help noticing the similarities between the two of them.

What happened to the other girl?
Why won’t the others help her search?
Are they all in danger?

Whatever’s happening at Widow Falls, it’s clear someone doesn’t want her digging into it. As the seams of her reality are torn apart, making her question everything she sees, feels, and believes, Sloane will have to uncover the truth about the camp—and its occupants—before someone else goes missing.

Because this time…it might be her.


  1. It sounds like Modglin did a great job in amping up the suspense and tension, but it's too bad the ending didn't totally deliver. I'm glad you mostly enjoyed this one, though!

  2. Well a confusing ending is not what I prefer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rachel.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. I really like the premise of this one, but I'm a little sad to hear that the ending was a bit of a letdown.

  4. I havent read a thriller in ages now

  5. Too bad about the ending, but I'm glad you enjoyed it overall.

  6. Hmmm, a confusing ending is definitely not how I want a story to end. I will be listening to my first Kiersten Modglin next week, I hope it has a better ending. Nice review Rachel.