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Review: Forgotten in Darkness by Zoe Forward

Forgotten in Darkness (Scimitar Magi, # 2)
Forgotten in Darkness by Zoe Forward
Published on September 22, 2013 by Wild Rose Press
About the book
After an unjustified two-century stint in purgatory, Scimitar Magus Dakar returns to the human realm, renewing his eons-old curse. Once again he must murder the woman he loves. To break the vicious cycle, he must kill her before she strikes her deathblow, something he's never done in the past.

Archaeology grad student, Shay McGinnis, suffers a near-death attack in pursuit of a piece of Scimitar Magi lore. But did the magnificent warrior who pinned her to the wall injure her or the daemon he fought? In her search for answers, she draws the attention of both an ancient evil sorcerer and the warrior Dakar. The attraction between her and Dakar is instant, and for Shay confusing. She wants to be with him, but intuition equates him with death. Not random death. Hers.

Will this be the lifetime they break the curse before they are murdered by an age old enemy or worse kill each other yet again?
My Thoughts:
Oh how I love this series!  The first book Dawn of a Dark Knight completely grabbed my attention and I am so excited to say that this installment was even better!

Forgotten in Darkness starts off with a bang and the action never stops.  I thought this book would have been about one of the guys we previously met, but I was wrong and I am so so glad that I was wrong.  Dakar is full of awesomeness and I am happy that he got his story before the others.  I think we needed his story so that some of the dots could be connected and pave the way for the others. Without Dakar I am not sure I would have understood half of what I needed to.

This story definitely answers some of the questions I had from DoaDK.  I have to give Ms.Forward major props for creating this whole Scimitar world.  The details that she throws into each book especially this one are just amazing.  I honestly don't get how she can keep everything straight while trying to weave in characters and settings.  Her writing though makes it all seem effortless.  I understand who everyone is and I have a pretty good grasp on this world.  I still have a few lingering questions but I have a feeling that with every book we get those will all be answered.

 I know I said before that this world resembles my other favorite series BDB and I can now say that Ms. Forward has pulled ahead on her own.  Yes there are still those few small similarities, but her series can definitely hold its own among the others on the shelf.  It is different and unique with all the magik flying and the guys are just awesome.  I love that they have each lived before and they will each have their memories restored.  I can't wait for them all to have their story especially Javan.  He is one messed up person and well we all know the messed up ones always have the best stories!

Okay I have rambled on and on about the awesomeness of this book and I haven't said a word about the plot I know.  So here you go!  Basically this revolves around an ancient curse that states when Dakar meets Shani in each lifetime they are destined to love each other and then in two weeks time one will kill the other.  Bummer right?!  So this time around things are different and Dakar makes a vow to try and change their fate.  I am not totally convinced that their story is over so I am excited to see the other guys' story play into this incredible storyline.   

Dakar and Shani are perfect for each other.  My only complaint is that I wished Shani would have stopped all the inner monologue about what she needed to do.  Either get over what he tried to do or walk away woman! Other than that I really did like these two together. They had crazy chemistry and I loved their feistyness!

Okay one thing I must drop in before I close this review.  We are told that only one will end the big baddie and OMG I want him to return like NOW!  From what we are told this guy is totally unstable and unpredictable...I say sign me up!  LOL!

4 suns

Thank you to the author for sending this for review! 

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