Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Review: Love on Lexington Avenue by Lauren Layne

Publication Date: September 19th 2019 by Gallery Books
Pages: 288
Source: Publisher
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About the book:

There are no good men left in New York City. At least that’s Claire Hayes’s conviction after finding out her late husband was not the man she thought he was. Determined to rid her home of anything that reminds her of her cheating husband, Claire sets out to redesign her boring, beige Upper East Side brownstone and make it something all her own. But what starts out as a simple renovation becomes a lot more complicated when she meets her bad-tempered contractor Scott Turner.

Scott bluntly makes it known to Claire that he only took on her house for a change of pace from the corporate offices and swanky hotels he’s been building lately, and he doesn’t hesitate to add that he has no patience for a pampered, damaged princess with a penchant for pink. But when long workdays turn into even longer nights, their mutual wariness morphs into something more complicated—a grudging respect, and maybe even attraction...

Filled with laugh-out-loud scenes that blend perfectly with the touching friendships Layne brings to life on the page, this “hugely entertaining” (USA TODAY) novel is perfect for fans of Lauren Weisberger.

My Thoughts:
Scott and Claire meet because he agrees to take on her brownstone remodel.  Clair wants everything changed, no evidence of the life she shared with Brayden, her now dead husband she discovered was cheating on her with not just one woman, but multiple. After being burned Claire resolves to be single, not wanting to risk her heart, but she’d maybe like a fling.  However, as the story progresses it becomes clear to Claire that she’s not built for a fling where the heart isn’t involved, and I think for most women this is true. It is for me at any rate. 

Scott and Claire spend a lot of time together since he’s a hands-on type of contractor. He’s abrasive and brutally honest, giving his opinions on Claire’s decisions both for her house and her life even when it’s clear she’s not asking for advice, well at first, anyhow. Claire gives as good as she gets, though, and there’s quite a bit of fun verbal sparring.  As the renovation progresses, they become close, their personal lives intersecting as they share common friends, and Claire finds herself more and more attracted to Scott, and vice versa.

Of course, Scott is the no-strings attached sort of guy after having a bad relationship experience and because he wants to be free to take jobs anywhere in the world he likes without any personal obligations. Why are guys always like this? Don’t they think of being old and alone in the future? Whatever, you know this is a romance, so he won’t hold to that, but it’s something I wonder about.

I think my heart went out to Claire the most in this series, because she was the wife after all, and she was clueless to her husband’s cheating. Plus, he died and so Claire never got to confront him, she was angry and grieving at the same time when it first happened. I was pleased to see Claire moving on and not letting the past dictate her future happiness. I really wanted a HEA for Claire! I absolutely loved the ending!

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  1. I haven't heard of this one! You've piqued my interest. :) I'm happy you loved the ending -- those are the best!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

  2. This sounds like a good series. I can see why you felt so much for Claire. I love. when a character that deserves it, gets their happy ending :). Wonderful Review Rachel!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. I really enjoy Lauren Layne but haven't started this newest series yet. What a position for Claire to be in. Stuck between grieving and betrayal. She deserved an HEA!

  4. I love that you connected and felt for the MC so much. I love when an author can do that!

  5. I'd be in just for the cover alone - super cute!

  6. I was thinking when I read the first part of your review how it stunk that he died and she couldn't let him have it. Glad she got a new chance and she gave as good as she got. :) I can't be casual about relations either.

  7. I think I'd be rooting for Claire in this one, too. :)

  8. I felt the same way about Claire. She was the wife, and in my opinion, the most wronged. I love a grumpy hero, and I loved these two together. The dog was just icing off the cake too.

  9. I do like Layne.
    But I must say, these cartoon makes the covers age for me