Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Post #69

The Sunday Post is hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated reviewer book blog, and is a post to recap my bookish and non-bookish things from the last week. 

It's been slow at the hospital ever since the "shelter-in-place" order took effect in California with all elective and outpatient services mostly canceled. I'm happy about that, but just worried that this might be the calm before the storm. I hope it's because everything was locked down and slowed the spread of Covid-19. I had Thursday and Friday off for a planned vacation, but ended up going to our place up north instead because those plans got canceled. This wasn't a bad change:

We took a inter-tube and coasted down the hill a bunch of times, and made a snowman. Our place only had a dusting of snow which melted pretty quickly, but this was a 30 minutes up the hill. 

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Loved Highland Sword, Chasing Cassandra, and A Murderous Relation, all historical reads.  Wish I could've said the same about From Alaska With Love. I was lured in by a cute cover only to be disappointed by a push-over heroine and a hateful bunch of secondary characters. 

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Love Maisey Yates' cowboy romances so I grabbed a copy of Secrets from a Happy Marriage. I'm curious to see how she does with a story that sounds a little more like women's fiction than romance. Cowboy Come Home sounded like a great second chance romance, and I can't hardly resist one of those. 


I've watched this before, but it's a great escapist sort of movie! Lots of action, and a bit of fun. And can I just say I want to be Rita (Emily Blunt's character)?!! She's totally kick-ass!

How was your week?


  1. Thanks for all you do as someone who works in a hospital. These are interesting times to say the least, but I'm hopeful that we've got great teams of people at the ready to help us all face this!

  2. I'm glad it's going ok so far and that you got a vacation. I keep thinking now IS the lull before the storm. We'll see. Thanks for the info on From Alaska with Love. I'd been considering it. But I am not in a regular romance mood for the most part. Our Robin reviews Highland Sword tomorrow.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy reading!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  3. I can't say I envy the snow, but it does look quite beautiful in your picture. Glad you were able to enjoy some outdoor fun. I am sad about Alaska. It sounded promising.

  4. I'm glad things haven't been overwhelming at the hospital. The snowy pics are so gorgeous! It's been over 90 here the past couple days so I'm rather envious. :) I haven't really seen any positive reviews of From Alaska with Love. Too bad because it did sound cute.

  5. Ooh beautiful photo - I'm glad you had a nice little getaway. I hope that things shutting down more means it's slowing the spread; that IS the goal. Stay safe though, working in a hospital! Thinking of you!


  6. Love the snow! And glad to hear your hospital is not overwhelmed sat the moment. Hopefully it stays that way. I've been hearing hospitals in detroit are bad (other side of the state from me)- for various reasons Detroit has emerged as one of the early hotspots.

    I love Emily Blunt! did you ever see her in The Adjustment Bureau? Fun movie!

  7. Snow! I love snow and haven't seen any in over a year now. Even though it's still chilly here, I doubt we'll get any as spring is most definitely landed. :(

    I'm glad your hospital is quiet and lets hope it IS just because people are staying home and out of mischief instead of the calm before the storm... C-19 needs sent packing asap!

  8. I worry it's the calm before the storm as well. I know they said it will get worse again before it gets better, which is scary but hopefully we are all being smart and staying in as much as we can. Hope you guys continue to be good!

  9. Love that photo of snow! And I hope your work continues to stay slow. :)

  10. I was wondering if you were being run off your feet at the hospital. Thanks for the update on how you're doing there. Woohoo for a trip to the snow and fun tubing. I used to do that as a teen each year near the little town of Strawberry near Tahoe.

    Glad you found some good historicals including Murderous Relation. Ugh, bummer about From Alaska With Love. I have that still on the review pile. Guess I'll lower expectations and be prepared for irritating secondary characters.

    I've been in a classic spy movie mood and just watched Mrs. Pollifax Spy on Amazon Prime and Man From UNCLE with Henry Cavill. :)

    Have a good week, Rachel!

  11. Ok, so not reading the dog book ;)

  12. I loved Chasing Cassandra! I'm glad you got to get away and enjoy the snow and tubing! What a pretty picture! I hope it isn't just the calm before the storm too. Take Care :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape