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Review: The Boyfriend Candidate by Ashley Winstead

The Boyfriend Candidate by Ashley Winstead
Publication Date: May 9th 2023 by Graydon House
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher 
Rating: ½

My Thoughts:
Alexis is off to her first one-night stand to celebrate a year of being rid of her cheating ex, who accused her of being unable to “satisfy his needs”.  She meets Logan Arthur, a gubernatorial candidate, unbeknownst to her at the time, and they hit it off splendidly, talking, laughing, all the while sparks fly. Unfortunately, what promises to be a lusty, unforgettable night ends abruptly when a fire causes the hotel to evacuate, and they’re caught on camera fleeing.

Logan has the rep of a playboy which has been hurting his campaign, so his team asks Alexis to pose as his girlfriend shutting down more gossip about his playboy ways.

The Boyfriend Candidate was in parts enjoyable to me, but it contained one of my least favorite forms of conflict: miscommunication. Logan and Alexis come close to being honest about their feelings for each other time and time again, but something stops every time them until almost the very end!  Logan was a sweetheart, and a blind person could see he was a goner for Alexis. I liked Alexis, but she tried my patience by breaking every one of their ground rules without regard to how her actions affected Logan or his team.  The whole Will situation was particularly frustrating.  Also, Alexis is touted as a shy character terrified of public speaking but somehow has a complete turnaround within a few pages and is speaking out for education reform with gusto.

With all that said, I did enjoy The Boyfriend Candidate overall. It was entertaining. I enjoyed the humor and the chemistry between Alexis and Logan. I was really rooting for them! There were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. When Alexis adopts Patches, a long overlooked shelter cat, my heart soared! Alexis’ mom with her video to promote her cat/animal shelter was a hoot! Cute/fun cat scenes I loved! I enjoyed the positive female friendships, as well, even though I wasn’t a huge fan of her sister, Lee. 

I wouldn't hesitate to read another romance from Winstead. I would like to try her thriller: In My Dreams I Hold a Knife

3.5 Stars

Book Description:

A laugh-out-loud rom-com about learning to embrace living outside your comfort zone.

As a shy school librarian, Alexis Stone is comfortable keeping out of the spotlight. But when she’s dumped for being too meek—in bed!—she decides she needs to change. And what better way to kick-start her new more adventurous life than with her first one-night stand?

Enter Logan, the gorgeous, foul-mouthed stranger she meets at a hotel bar. Audacious and filterless, Logan is Alexis’s opposite—and boy, do opposites attract! Just as she’s about to fulfill her hookup wish, the hotel catches fire in a freak lightning storm. In their rush to escape, Logan is discovered carrying her into the street, where people are waiting with cameras. Cameras Logan promptly—and shockingly—flees.

Alexis is bewildered until suddenly pictures of her and Logan escaping the fire are all over the internet. Turns out Logan is none other than Logan Arthur, the hotshot candidate challenging the Texas governor’s seat. The salacious scandal is poised to sink his career—and jeopardize Alexis’s job—until a solution is proposed: he and Alexis could pretend to be in a relationship until election day…in two months. What could possibly go wrong?

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About the author:
Ashley Winstead 2021 breakout thriller was In My Dreams I Hold a Knife. Her 2022 romance debut, Fool Me Once, was an Amazon Editor’s Best Romance as well as a USA Today, PopSugar, New York Post, and Goodreads best or most anticipated romance of the year. Her work has been translated into more than a dozen languages and optioned for film/TV.

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  1. I won't even dip a toe in books that I can tell are all about politics (not hidden here), but I am glad you were entertained. The miscommunication trope has me rolling my eyes at times, but it doesn't really bother me

    1. There was quite a bit of politics in here, so maybe not a good fit for you. I think there are miscommunication/noncommunication romance books I've read in the past that didn't bother me as much, like some of Mariana Zapata books, but I guess it depends on the writing.

  2. I love that she writes books in such different genres. The miscommunication trope can be a tough one.

    1. Yes, I'd definitely read her again, romance or thriller. It was just the conflict that I mainly had an issue with.

  3. Miscommunication (or lack of communication) is my absolute least favorite trope. Not to get on my soapbox (lol), but I feel like it's such a lazy choice by an author. "I need a conflict... okay, I'll just have my characters not communicate or have a bunch of simple misunderstandings that could be solved in a five minute conversation." Ugh, come on. When the entire conflict could be remedied by a single conversation, yeah... you need to try harder than that. *steps off soapbox and calms myself*

    1. Yes! I'm not a fan of the trope/source of conflict! That's what I was thinking! Have a conversation and lets get past this utter nonsense!

  4. Fake dating is my favorite but miscommunication not so much. Great review Rachel.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  5. Sounds like I would like it, but also like I would wanna hit them over the head

  6. Miscommunication can get annoying, especially when dragged on for so long. Glad you enjoyed the story overall.