Sunday, September 22, 2013

Waves of Sunday #45

Welcome to our weekly edition of Waves of Sunday where each Sunday we spotlight a book that has been making waves in the book scene or has simply caught our attention causing a riptide on our TBR.

Today we are spotlighting:

Sweet Surrendering (Surrender Saga, Book One)

Sweet Surrendering by Chelsea M. Cameron
Expected publication: October 17th 2013

About the book:
A one-night stand can sometimes turn into something more...
When Rory Clarke ends up hiring the guy she spent one steamy night with to be her administrative assistant, she's determined to keep things professional.But Lucas Blaine has other plans for her, and it's not going to be easy to keep the boundaries clear between them. If she even wants to...

Rachel's Thoughts:
Wow, this is a change in positions. Usually it's the guy hiring the girl to be the administrative assistant, and holding all the power.  I'm curious to see how this is going to play out with the normal roles reversed. 

Brandie's Thoughts:
I agree!  I like seeing an author switch things up a little bit (although I can't help but think of the show Friends and Rachel with her 'hot' assistant.  I admit that the cover definitely grabbed my attention first, LOL.  And the fact that I like this author's writing - I'm excited to try this one out!


  1. Sounds good! I like the reversal of position too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm curious about this book, but I kind of lost my complete faith in this author. I loved her first novel, My Favorite Mistake, but second one, Deeper We Fall left me indifferent. I hope this one will be much better.