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Author Spotlight: Interview & Giveaway: Iris Blaire

Exposure (East Park, #1)   Dark Frame (East Park, #2)

Back in August I read and reviewed Exposure (East Park #1) (my reviewby Iris Blaire, which was a tantalizingly sensual read!!   I was intrigued by the original story line which followed Evan, a reluctant star of a college erotic magazine working incognito.  She ends up paired with Dallas, a hottie with a brain, and with their combustible chemistry the sparks fly!

With the second book in this series, Dark Frame (East Park #2), release date around the corner (November 12th), I was eager to have Iris on the blog to pick her brain about what inspired her to write this story and let us know what we can expect from the sequel.  Be sure to scroll down at the end of this post to enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win Exposure.  It’s a must read!


Q: The premise of Exposure is such a fresh and original story, IMO.  What inspired you to write it?

To be honest, I came across a news article one day while browsing the web that was about a college-run porn magazine and the steps required by the students to make the project an official school organization. I was completely fascinated by the story and knew that it would make a great premise for a novel!
Q: Your bio says you’re a recent college graduate; did you have an erotic magazine circulating like East Park Exposed while in college?  If so can you tell us a little about it, and the models?
There wasn’t any kind of campus erotic magazine that I was aware of, but my campus was a big one, so you never know.
Q: What is your favorite line or scene in the book?
Oh God, I have to pick one? To be honest, my favorite moments are the ones that are awkward or funny. Like when Dallas is trying to be intimate and ends up scorching Evan’s eye with Flaming Hot Cheeto dust. To me, a lot of romance novels come off a bit cheesy because they don’t have enough “real” moments like this one, so I tried to incorporate as many as possible in hopes that readers would connect to my characters.
Q: Which character do you identify with most, or is most like you?
Probably Britain. She’s a big dork like me. And you get to spend more time with her in DARK FRAME! J
Q: The steamy scenes have a wonderful buildup, and really ratchet up the sexual tension without taking it all the way for a while.  Did you find those scenes a challenge to write?
Hell no. Foreplay is so much fun to write, especially when you have a couple of glasses of wine in you. Hah! But seriously, I think a scene involving actual sex is a bit harder, because there’s only so much of a sex scene you can write before it starts to become either mundane or raunchy. Foreplay can be stretched on for pages and still feel fresh. At least, that’s how I feel about it.
Q: What is it about Evan that draws Dallas to her?
I think Evan is still a bit of an enigma to Dallas. She doesn’t fit any of the boxes that she should fit into, such as a softcore pornstar or a biogeek. She’s funny and blunt and comfortable with herself. In the first book, Dallas is still caught up in the physical attraction of her as well.
Q: If you had to cast your characters, who would you pick for Evan and Dallas?
Movie-Evan would have to be Michelle Trachtenberg, and Movie-Dallas… that’s a hard one. Probably like… a brunette, Americanized William Moseley. Have you seen him all grown up? He’s three kinds of gorgeous.
Q: Without being too spoilery, can you tell us anything about the sequel, Dark Frame?  Will this be the conclusion to Dallas and Evan’s story? 

It will be the conclusion to Dallas’s and Evan’s love story, but not the East Park characters. And without getting too spoilery, Dark Frame will be sexier, more twisted, and a bit angstier. 
Q: Will the story be longer than Exposure?
Yes! That’s definitely the largest complaint I received with Exposure, and I listen to my fans. Dark Frame will be longer.
Q: What influenced you to write and publish?
I’ve had many, MANY influences. But for this book, what influenced me was, again, the finding of that news article about the college-run porn magazine. It was like a light bulb went off in my brain and it seemed like it would be a lot of fun to write, so that’s what I did!
Q: What are you working on now?
The East Park series is getting a couple of companion novels after Dark Frame, and I’m working on those now.
Q: Who is your favorite author, and what is the last book you read?
For romance authors—cute and fluffy reads I’d have to go with Stephanie Perkins, and sexy reads would be Kele Moon.
Q: When you’re not working on your books, how do you like to spend your time?
Enjoying married life! And reading. Tons of reading.

Thank you so much, Iris, for stopping by and answering my questions!  I look forward to Dark Frame and some more Evan and Dallas hotness. I did look up William Moseley, and you’re right, he is all kinds of gorgeous. Yum!

About the Author: Iris is a recent college graduate and New York native. When not writing romance, she can be found wrestling with her Schipperke, writing really bad poetry, and jumping in puddles on rainy days.
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