Friday, January 7, 2022

2021 Audiobook Challenge Final Check-In & 2022 Audiobook Challenge Sign Up


Thanks to Kimberly at Caffeinated Review & That's What I'm Talking About for hosting this challenge! I signed up last year for The 100 Club Audio Book Elite, and I made it this year with 102 audio books! Click HERE for my complete list on Goodreads.

Here are a few standout audios from last year:
Click on cover for Goodreads link

The challenge is hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer  again & That's What I'm Taking About. Thank you ladies! Click HERE if you'd like sign up as well. 

This year I'll be signing up for The 100 Club Audiobook Addict again! I've already logged two books. 
I've only signed up for two challenges this year, my Goodreads (150 books) and this one so I hope to make both. 

What challenges have you signed up for? 


  1. You're making me regret reading What If You & Me. I feel like I missed out on some great audio

    1. The audio was wonderful! I hope the next one is narrated by the same performer.

  2. Way to go hitting your goal for last year. I need to get to that Roni Loren series at some point.

    I'm doing 100 Club for this year, too, so we can cheer each other on.

  3. Congratulations on meeting your goal from last year and signing up for this year!

  4. Congrats! Here's to another great year of listening.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  5. I do love seeing the Roni Loren one. I have read some of her older books that were really well done.

    Hope you have a fun year of listening!

  6. Hooray for making your goal last year… plus two! :) Abd already off to a good start this year, too.