Sunday, January 16, 2022

Review: Last Dance with a Cowboy by Sara Richardson


Last Dance with a Cowboy (Silverado Lake #3) by Sara Richardson
Publication Date: December 28th 2021 by Forever
Pages: 347
Source: Publisher
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My Thoughts:
August and Leila were the “it couple”, soulmates in high school, but that all changed with August’s dad died and his grief left him spiraling. August was already in college, promised to come back to Leila, but after the funereal he left without a word and shattered her heart. 

August is back working for the company that wants to take over her family’s winery. Leila proposes a fake engagement as the reason for August’s return to keep the winery’s dire financial circumstances from her grandparents.

I have to say I was pretty ticked at August. I know losing a parent is so very hard, but come on, if you’re basically soulmates, you leave and never say anything? Seeing Leila again, August finally realizes all the heartache he heaped on her and his family. He’d never properly faced his grief or the hurt his actions caused, but being forced to come back gave him the opportunity to make amends. Realizing exactly what he lost made August determined to do anything to keep her from losing the vineyard, anything to make her happy.

Even after fifteen years apart, the emotions between August and Leila are high and their connection is palpable. I felt Leila’s pain and thought she was completely justified keeping him at arm’s length at first. Working closely together while faking their engagement made it impossible to resist each other, though, and I loved seeing them overcome all the hurt and embrace their second chance for love! 

4 Stars

Book Description:

Can this wandering cowboy convince his first love that he deserves a second chance in a charming contemporary romance for fans of New York Times bestselling authors Jennifer Ryan and Maisey Yates—with a bonus novella by Carolyn Brown!

Leila Valentino will do anything to keep her grandparents’ Colorado winery afloat. Even partner with August Harding, the first—and last—man to break her heart. Fifteen years ago, August left Silverado Lake, and Leila, far behind. Now the cowboy’s back with an offer that could save her family’s business. But to keep her grandparents from worrying over the vineyard’s finances, Leila insists August give a different reason for his return: her.

August Harding is one step away from a huge promotion. All he has to do is ensure that his company acquires Valentino Bellas Vineyards. And if pretending he and Leila are back together is the cost . . . well, he can’t say no. Leila has never forgiven him for the way he ended things, but the longer they pretend to be a couple, the more he begins to wonder if a second chance isn’t impossible after all. But can he convince Leila that this time he’s not walking away?

Includes the bonus novella Sunrise Ranch by Carolyn Brown!


  1. I didn't even read the book and I was ticked at August. The author would really have to do a great job with August for me to accept him as the hero of this story.

  2. I'd be mad at August, too! I mean, come on, Cowboy Up! ;D

    1. I thought exactly the same thing, Lark! Fortunately August did redeem himself. :)

  3. I love a fake relationship trope but August is unbelievable.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. Yep, he needed a good smack upside the head. Thankfully he did recover nicely.

  4. On wow, August has a lot to make up for. I can understand why Leila would be hesitant.

    1. I was totally in Leila's corner, but August did redeem himself.

  5. Nice review. I'm glad they get a second chance.

  6. What a great review you have here. I have read this author but do want to explore her more often.