Thursday, September 8, 2022

Review: A Certain Darkness by Anna Lee Huber


A Certain Darkness (Verity Kent Mysteries #6) by Anna Lee Huber
Publication Date: August 30th 2022 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pages: 376
Source: Publisher
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My Thoughts:
The Verity Kent series has been an exciting, addictive adventure! Verity and her husband Sidney have come a long way since reuniting after the end of WWI. Both have had to work through the traumas they experienced during the war. Verity served as an undercover agent, often crossing into enemy territory, and Sidney was on the front lines seeing untold horrors. These ordeals and more took a toll on their marriage, and it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, but it’s evident that Verity and Sidney are still very much in love, besotted knowing how easily they could’ve lost each other. They’ve got mixed up and then solved several murders, and continue to hunt the nefarious Lord Ardmore, a British Intelligence higher-up they believe played both sides during and after the war.

This is a series that should very much be read in order. A Certain Darkness would not make a good jump-in point since the history of Verity and Sidney’s romance, interactions with family and friends and the ongoing arc of the villainous Lord Ardmore wouldn’t make sense otherwise.  

The war may be over, but Verity and Sidney are dragged into another situation where the sins committed during the war are coming back to haunt certain individuals and countries. Sins they want to keep hidden, but these things have a way of coming out. I had to wonder how much of the storyline was rooted in the actual events of WWI. It would be extremely sad if so. What an unnecessary loss of life! These discoveries cut Sidney deeply, and my heart hurt for him and Verity.

Verity and Sidney had to tread carefully! Things got edgy a few times! The murder and mystery were solved, but the ending left a character dangling in a dangerous situation with Verity and Sidney poised to make the next move. I’m looking forward to it!

4 Stars

Book Description:

Set in Downton Abbey-era post-World War I England, this action-packed series from the USA Today bestselling author of the Lady Darby Mysteries is a treat for fans of Jacqueline Winspear and Susan Ella MacNeal.

March 1920: Life has turned unsettlingly quiet for former British Intelligence agent Verity Kent and her husband, Sidney. But even that false calm is about to end. As threats remain, the French authorities soon request Sidney’s help with a suspect who claims to have proof of treason—shortly before she is assassinated. And Verity, too, is called to investigate a mystery.

The murder of a Belgian lawyer aboard a train seems at first to be a simple case of revenge. But the victim was connected to British Intelligence, and possessed papers detailing the sinking of a gold-laden German ship during the war.

As Verity and Sidney dig deeper, they discover their cases are intertwined—and a lethal adversary persists. Officially, the Great War may be over, but this is a battle of nerves and wits they cannot afford to lose…


  1. Sounds like this one was a real winner. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the great review.

  2. This sounds like a really solid series. I have read a lot of books dealing with WWII but not WWI so this one does appeal.

    1. It's a wonderful series! Same here, I've read a lot around WWII but not WWI. Such sad and scary times.

  3. What an exciting series. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and this installment.

  4. I still haven't tried this series, though I am all caught up in Huber's other series. This book sounds especially good.

    1. I think you'd enjoy this one, Lark. Love her other series too!

  5. I really want to read this series, someday.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  6. I really enjoyed your review here. You don't see too many books set around the time of WWI, so I am intrigued by this one here.

  7. I would definitely like to try this series