Thursday, September 22, 2022

Review: Snowed in for Christmas by Sarah Morgan


Snowed in for Christmas by Sarah Morgan
Publication Date: September 20th 2022 by HQN
Pages: 400
Source: Publisher & Purchased Audiobook
Rating: ½
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My Thoughts:
Lucy Clarke loves her job and in the social media/advertising firm she works. Her co-workers and boss feel like family, so important to hear since she lost her beloved grandmother. Unfortunately, they’ve lost a few major clients. In order to keep the company afloat Lucy’s hunting down new clients and Ross Miller is at the top of her list. Trouble is he’s almost impossible to get ahold of, but she knows Ross will be spending Christmas at the family’s lodge in Scotland. She plans to pop over and drop off her proposal and head back to London to spend Christmas alone. However, the weather has other plans for Lucy.

Siblings Ross, Alice and Clemmie are headed back to the family home in Scotland for the holidays.  But pressure to couple up, start producing grandchildren and join in the family business make them anxious about the visit.

Glenda Miller is excited and anxious for her kids to visit, but she’s determined to keep quiet about their relationship status. She loves her children and wants them to be happy no matter how they choose to spend their lives. At eighty-six, Nana Jean, Glenda’s mother-in-law, has no such qualms. If she thinks something should be said to help set the Miller’s on the path to happiness she’s doesn’t mind speaking up. Nana Jean was a hoot and she cracked me the heck up! I loved her straight talking!

In addition to Lucy’s story/POV, there were a few plot lines/POVs here:

Alice Miller, an ER doctor who loves her job, bringing a boyfriend home for the first time and anxious about the message it sends and assumptions her family will make. Alice may be good at her job, but not so great with personal relationships, which puts her romance in jeopardy.

Glenda Miller, patriarch of the Miller clan was such a loving and accepting mother, but worried about driving her kids away. I loved the relationship she had with her husband and mother-in-law!

Clemmie Miller, youngest of the Miller children, a child-care specialist with a big announcement she’s nervous to share. Her romance was one of unrequited love, one of my favorite tropes!

Snowed in for Christmas was such a delight! I loved the big Miller family even with their struggles it was evident they loved each other, and I loved how they all welcomed Lucy in at this vulnerable time in her life. She needed the extra care and love, and a bit of romance, of course!  I love Sarah Morgan’s stories. I’d classify Snowed in for Christmas as part women’s fiction, part romance. Her talented writing brought the characters to life with real-feeling, relatable emotions and I rooted for each and every one of them to find their joy! Loved the dreamy, winter wonderland setting, too! Definite recommend!

4.5 Stars

Book Description:

A family gathering

This Christmas the Miller siblings have one goal—to avoid their well-meaning family’s endless stream of prying questions. Ross, Alice and Clemmie have secrets that they don’t intend to share, and they are relying on each other to deflect attention.

An uninvited guest

Lucy Clarke is facing a Christmas alone and the prospect of losing her job. Unless she can win a major piece of business from Ross Miller, the season promises to be anything but festive. She’ll just deliver her proposal to his family home and then leave. After all, she wouldn’t want to intrude on the Miller family’s perfect Christmas.

A Christmas to remember

When Lucy appears on the Miller family’s snow-covered Highland doorstep, she's mistaken for Ross’s girlfriend. By the time the confusion is cleared up, they're snowed in—she can’t leave, even if she wants to! But does she want to? As secrets spill out like presents from an overstuffed stocking and the chemistry between her and Ross ignites, this is going to be either Lucy's worst Christmas ever or the best mistake of her life.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this but I don't read the Christmas books this early.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. It is a bit early, but better than the "Christmas in July" thing they were trying to get going. I have a really hard time with that one!

  2. I really enjoyed this too. Such a great Christmas book.

  3. I need to read this.

  4. I actually said "aww" at one point during your review, so definitely seems like something for me. I own several of Morgan's books, but have yet to take the plunge. Maybe I should start here.

  5. Sarah Morgan always has nice books :)