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Review: Just What He Wanted by HelenKay Dimon

Just What He Wanted (Holloway, #4)
Just What He Wanted (Holloway #4) by HelenKay Dimon
Publication Date: June 10th 2013 by Carina Press
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About the Book: Book four of the Holloway series

Travis Yardley thought he had everything he needed, but one look at Andrea Patterson shows him he was wrong. Andie is a gorgeous, curvy blonde who moves to town to manage a nearby campground. Seizing the chance to get close to her, Travis volunteers himself as tour guide and "bodyguard.'

After a bad breakup, Andie is looking to start over and determined to put her heart on hiatus. She's working on her self-esteem, and she is not ready for the likes of Travis. He comes on strong, with all the energy of a guy almost ten years her junior, which is exactly what he is.

Even as Travis's troubled past catches up with him, he pulls out all the stops to convince Andie he deserves a chance. And with the spring thaw hitting the Mountain View Resort, Andie discovers her own temperature rising whenever Travis looks her way…

My Thoughts:
Just What He Wanted is just the kind of romance you should pick up if you craving a low drama, frustration free, sweet read. I love small town stories where everyone knows everyone and cares like a family. I should also tell you that I have a special weakness for country boys, especially one as hot as Travis! I hear phrases like “y’all” or “ma’am” in a Southern accent and I go a little weak in the knees! Add in some gentlemanly manners and the urge to protect and I’m sold!

Andie’s moved to the small town of Holloway to get away from the big city and get back to her small town roots. She’s also moved to get away from a man who put a dent in her self-esteem by trying to change and mold her into his version of acceptable. Andie is not size 2 model thin, she has curves in all the right places, but thanks to her dirt-bag ex, she feels unattractive.

Enter Travis; smoking hot country boy, with his faded blues jeans, pale green eyes, and a body made to sin! Trouble is (at least in Andie’s eyes) that he’s only twenty-five and she’s thirty-four, and that feels very young to her.

Travis takes one look at Andie and is knocked off his feet by how gorgeous she is. He doesn’t care one bit about her age:

“How old are you?”
“Old enough.” He said the words right as she finished hers.
“For?” Whatever was jumping around her stomach needed to knock it the hell off.
“For whatever you have in mind.”

Yes, please!

Travis is sent to work with Andie and realizes she’s all alone caring for Mountain View, miles away from anyone. This brings out his protective streak and he makes it is business to make sure she’s safe. They have some push and pull, with him doing most of the pushing and Andie doing most of the pulling away. Not to worry, though, it’s not on a frustrating level, more of an entertaining one, and these two can’t fight their burning attraction for long!

I didn’t realize this was part of a series when picking it up but I found out it’s unnecessary to read the previous stories to enjoy this one. Each book focuses on a separate couple, but I’d probably have enjoyed the glimpses into the other couples lives had I read the prior novels.

Just What He Wanted is a romance that will leave you with a sappy smile at the end. Sweet with just a little bit of spice!

A copy was provided by Carina Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
3.5 Suns

About the Author:
Award-winning author HelenKay Dimon spent twelve years in the most unromantic career ever - divorce lawyer. After dedicating all of that effort to helping people terminate relationships, she is thrilled to deal in happy endings and write romance novels for a living. Her books have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine and E! Online. HelenKay loves hearing from readers, and you can find her at her:

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