Sunday, August 4, 2013

Waves of Sunday #41 Winner Announcement & Giveaway

Welcome to our weekly edition of Waves of Sunday where each Sunday we spotlight a book that has been making waves in the book scene or has simply caught our attention causing a riptide on our TBR. Don't forget if you let us know which book has caught your attention this week, you have a chance to win our new feature giveaway! Just leave us a comment or quote in the comment section. All new suggestions in the comments below will be considered for August's Winner, so please leave us your most anticipated ADULT read. Please refer to our "about" and "rating and review" page to see what genres are appropriate for choices. No Young Adult picks or previously reviewed picks. Thank you. 
This week we are picking our July winner! After a lot of consideration we decided to spotlight krg's pick from July 7th!
An Easy Dare (Crescent City, #1)
An Easy Dare by Rosalie Rosseaux
Published on July 9, 2013
About the book
Cat loved Gabe from the time she was five years old. She thought it would be easy: fall in love with your childhood sweetheart, get married and live happily ever after. But as the years go on, the fairy tale soon falls apart. At twenty, Gabe – penniless, unable to find work, and drinking himself into a bad reputation – leaves New Orleans, believing that Cat is better off without him.

She doesn’t hear from him for three years.

Not until her bachelorette party, when he sends her a $400 bottle of Champagne the night before she’s set to marry Cort Belrose, a wealthy restaurateur that Gabe despises.

It seems the past three years have treated Gabe well. He’s now mysteriously wealthy and the picture of a perfect Southern gentleman – a gentleman who is quietly seeking vengeance on the man who forced him out of the city and stole the woman he loved.

With Gabe’s return, the sweltering heat of New Orleans becomes even more stifling as Cat struggles with the truth about her malicious husband and her consuming lifelong love for the vengeful and troubled Gabe.

Brandie's Thoughts:
I had never heard of this book, but I will admit that as soon as I read the synopsis - I immediately went to Amazon and purchased it!  This sounds SO good and like something that is right up my alley.  I love books about an old love coming back into the picture, and even better is a book with some mystery and suspense!  This sounds completely different than anything I've read lately and I'm anxious to read it!

Crystal's Thoughts:
OOHHH!  I want to know why Gabe left the city so bad!!  I love that Gabe and Cat have known each other for years, but I can't lie the mystery behind this really caught my attention.  I am really loving this type of book lately and with the added suspense added in I am totally sold!  Plus I want to know what Gabe has been up to for the past 3 years!  Also as a side note I love New Orleans so I am really going to enjoy reading about places I have been =)


  1. I'm looking forward to reading Covet by Tracy Garvis Graves that comes out in October! saltsnmore at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

  2. I am really looking forward to VAMPIRE WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO by Kerrelyn Sparks. I love her Love at Stakes series. They have action, hot romance, a variety of paranormal characters, and lots of sexy heroes! And I am really looking forward to reading Dougal's story :)
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! I just received Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning, I am so excited! This is such a great series, have you ever read this?

  4. I love this!! This sounds soo good! Adding to my TBR list now! The one book that caught my attention is Operation: Endgame by Christi Snow. Its has a little bit of everything....military, sexy romance, hot guys and an even htter cover! ( I can't wait to read this! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  5. I've been keeping this book in my "to read list" for too long now. I keep putting it off and at a certain point it slipped my mind. But now that I've re-read the blurb, I will give it a go. I'm also looking forward to Unlocked by Maya Cross. ;)

  6. This week I saw a review for this book: A Basic Renovation by Sandra Antonelli and it looked interesting since it had older characters.