Sunday, August 25, 2013

Waves of Sunday #43

Welcome to our weekly edition of Waves of Sunday where each Sunday we spotlight a book that has been making waves in the book scene or has simply caught our attention causing a riptide on our TBR. Don't forget if you let us know which book has caught your attention this week, you have a chance to win our new feature giveaway! Just leave us a comment or quote in the comment section. All new suggestions in the comments below will be considered for August's Winner, so please leave us your most anticipated ADULT read. Please refer to our "about" and "rating and review" page to see what genres are appropriate for choices. No Young Adult picks or previously reviewed picks. Thank you.
This week we are spotlighting:
Price of a Kiss
Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage
Publication Date: August 15th 2013
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
About the book:
*new adult romance*
**explicit scenes and language**

I don’t care what my cousin says; I am not the queen of impossible relationships. I mean, just because my last boyfriend tried to kill me and left a bit of a scar on my neck, then forced me to move across the country and legally change my name to Reese Randall to escape him, does not mean—

Oh, who am I kidding? For a freshman in college, I have to have the worst dating track record ever.

It’s no wonder love is the last thing on my mind when Mason Lowe enters my life. But the chemistry between us is like bam! Our connection defies logic. And he’s just so freaking hot. Being around him makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt before. I even like bickering with him. He could be my soul mate...except for one teeny tiny glitch.

He's a gigolo.

Boy, do I know how to pick them.

Rachel's Thoughts:
I've seen this book all over Goodreads the last few days, and I was a little hesitant because of the whole gigolo thing.  The thought of getting involved with a guy who's pleasing other women is not my cup of tea, BUT I have been assured that this is a minor part of the story.   Plus,  I want to know what happened to Reese in her past!  Anything with a hint of danger immediately piques my interest.

Brandie's Thoughts:
I saw this book for the first time this week getting a ton of buzz and great reviews on Goodreads. When so many are recommending a book - I immediately go to Amazon and buy it! Lately, a lot of NA books seem to run with the same theme but this one sounds different and interesting!! I can't wait to read it!

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  1. This does look good! I'm actually running a blog tour for Price, and am curious to see the reviews. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.