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Review: Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain #3) by Kristen Ashley

Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3)
Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain #3) by Kristen Ashley
Publication Date: October 2nd 2011
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About the book: Ty Walker was wrongly imprisoned and for the five years he was inside, he honed his plan so when he gets out, he has nothing but vengeance on his mind.

But then he walks straight to stylish, leggy, beautiful, goofy Lexie Berry and he suddenly has something else to think about. He knows within seconds he wants her and within days he can love her but with the filth that was flung at him clinging; he also knows he can’t have her.

Since birth, Lexie Berry has been Lady Luck’s favorite toy and because of that, Lexie is cautious. But within a day, she senses Ty is something special. With her luck, however, she can’t trust it. Then she finds out what was done to Ty and she’s willing to do anything to make it right.

Even what Ty will never forgive her for doing.

Ty clings to vengeance and Lexie goes all out to give him back the time he lost. But Ty is battling demons within and they’re up against dirty cops and criminals who will stop at nothing to sway Lady Luck against them. All Ty and Lexie have is hope Lady Luck will finally swing their way.
My Thoughts:
It’s been a while since I picked up a Kristen Ashley so I had forgotten how much I love her writing. Her stories are the perfect blend of romance, drama, danger and suspense with a little humor thrown in for good measure.  Lady Luck is no exception.
Lexie Berry has an errand to run for an acquaintance she’d like to forget, Shift, a shifty (yes, pun intended) character she avoids at all costs.  She’s not told all this errand entails so she thinks she’s just picking up an newly released prisoner and driving him from California to his home town in Colorado.  Little does Lexie know that she’s supposed to marry him and pretend to be his wife for some unspecified time.  Luckily, for Ty, the prisoner, by the time she finds this out Lexie is willing to go through with it.  She feels for Ty and his tragic story, plus who can say no to one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever met?
Ty Walker just finished up doing five years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and he’s hell bent on revenge. Lexie is nothing like what he pictured Shift would send.  Shift is not high on his list of likable characters but he really comes through with Lexie. She’s nothing but class, sass and beauty.  He now has everything he needs to make the crooked people who sent him away pay.  Ty doesn’t plan on falling for Lexie in the process and his caring for her may upset his ultimate goal. 
I love the Colorado Mountain series! The first two I read some time ago, but I posted my reviews on here the other day.  Kristen Ashley is the queen of writing the perfect Alpha Male with taciturn ways, a dirty mouth, and a big heart.  Ty is a perfect example of this.  He’s not one for a whole lot of words, Ty just says it like it is, and in very few words (with a fair bit of growling, lol), but you won’t be able to help falling hard for him! He’s strong, genuine and is sexier than sin!

Kristen Ashley never fails to write a heroine I love and root for, and Lexie with her big heart of gold is one of my favorites.  She’s had a rough life but you wouldn’t know it from the light that shines from her. I love seeing these two get to know and then fall for each other. I’m definitely Team Walker!
Of course there’s always the right amount of angst, drama, spice, and scenes that fill your heart with happiness.  Lady Luck also has some danger and suspense with Ty going back to the town filled with the dirty cops who set him up five years ago.  All this combined will keep you glued to the 500 + pages that are a usual with Ms. Ashley’s stories, but trust me, you’ll never be thinking “when is this going to end?” because the story is always engrossing and the pages fly by.  Loved it!
Favorite Quotes:
Then he rocked my world again and he did this by saying in a different kind of soft voice. “Baby, you wanna have breakfast with you husband, all you gotta do is pick up the phone and dial. I’m covered, you eat, I sit with you and drink coffee. But you want me, anytime you want me, that’s all you got to do.”
"Buddy, you're married?" He looked at me then back at Ty and spoke again before Ty could answer. "To a hot chick?"
"Not gonna marry butt ugly, Stan," Ty muttered.
"You're far and away the most beautiful man I've met and it isn't just that you have the looks and the body but it's a whole lot more, Ty Walker."
"This is it, Team Walker, you and me. We want somethin', we find a way to get it, we hit a rough patch, we find a way to get over it. We face a challenge, we find a way to beat it. It's good, we savor it. What I'm sayin' is, this team is a winner."
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  1. Cannot wait to read this! My husband is 1/2 through it now. I think Sweet Dreams is still his favorite of this series do far. Love your review, Rachel!

  2. Ahhhh....Rachel I read The Gamble after I read your review...yeah went to amazon and bought it right away! lol ;p And I loved it! Kristen Ashley really has a talent with her writing and her hot, hot, sexy alpha males! I can't wait to read this one, and see how this one turns out! :D I'm glad you enjoyed this! LOVE your review! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair