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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Heart Trouble by Jenny Lyn

Hello readers today I'm excited about participating in the Blog Tour for Heart Trouble by Jenny Lyn.  It was a spicy and suspenseful read! This tour is hosted by Author's Angels. Click HERE for complete tour schedule.  Thanks for allowing us to participate.  Be sure to scroll down to enter the rafflecopter for a boatload of prizes hosted by the author!

Heart Trouble by Jenny Lyn
Publication Date: August 13th 2013
Purchase Link: Loose-iD
About the book: Dr. Erin Taylor would rather be strapped to a gurney in her ER than prowling Jacksonville’s newest nightclub in a tight dress and high heels. Forced to do that very thing after losing a bet to a friend, she’s surprised by the sparks flying between her and sexy police detective Sean Rembert.

Sean is supposed to be scoping the bar for leads that might help him catch a serial killer, not letting his neglected libido lead him astray. But the minute he sees the gorgeous blonde headed his direction, all thoughts of work go out the window. Until he discovers Erin is a possible target.

Their connection is red-hot and undeniable, but Erin is in serious danger and Sean will do anything in his power to protect her. Passion explodes between them, then a secret destroys it. Can they overcome the hurt and resentment to find their way back to each other before the killer closes in?

My Thoughts:
Heart Trouble was a short and sexy read.  At only 156 pages this is perfect for a quickie before bed, (pun intended, lol!) or an afternoon pick me up. This was packed with danger, romance, suspense and sizzling scenes guaranteed to spike up your temperature!

Erin does not get out often or have much success with dating thanks to her grueling work schedule.  Being an ER doctor is something she loves but there’s nothing that makes a man run faster than hearing her profession. Either they’re intimidated by her work hours or her pay.  This is all about change when she loses a bet, and as payment has to get a guy to buy her a drink.  This is where she meet tall, dark and devastatingly sexy, Sean.

Sean is a detective on the job staking out a nightclub when a gorgeous knockout approaches him.  Erin walks into his life and heart.  However, in a scuffle, Erin’s purse along with her ID, address, and house key are stolen, sending Sean into high alert because Erin fits the preference of the serial rapist Sean is trying to catch. He won’t let Erin out of his sight after this and with good reason. 

I love romantic suspense, and Heart Trouble nails the genre.  Sean is the sexy heartthrob hero anyone would love as a protector.  Bonus for Erin, being a cop he gets her job dedication and hours like no one else would.  The thought of Erin being in danger sends Sean’s protective instincts into overdrive. In spite of knowing her for only a short time he feels something deep for her and spending 24/7 with her only magnifies that.  Erin can’t help but feel the same intense connection:

Sean’s kiss wasn’t soft and tentative; it was dark and deeply possessive. It stirred something inside her she’d never felt before, aside from bone-jarring lust. A little voice inside her head whispered,
He’s different. This could be different.”

There are some bumps in the road, and some dangerous twists that will get your heart racing, making this a quick and exciting read.  Jenny Lynn’s addictive writing style hooked me from the beginning!

 4 Suns



About the Author:
I started reading when I was four, thanks to a babysitter who found out the only way to get me to sit still (and shut up) was to put a book in my hand. By the time I entered kindergarten, I’d blown through just about every Little Golden Book ever printed. Ten years later, much to my mother’s dismay, I found her stash of paperback romance novels. She tried to divert me back to something more chaste by buying me Harlequins, but I still snuck copies of her Kathleen Woodiwiss’s and Johanna Lindsey’s when she wasn’t looking. Shanna, The Flame and the Flower, and Fires of Winter will always hold special places in my heart because they introduced me to roguish heroes, headstrong heroines, and the trouble they could get into together.

I live with my family in a swampy little corner of north-central Florida, close to the Gulf of Mexico and the historic Suwannee River. It’s hot, humid and full of mosquitos, but I wouldn’t trade it for… actually, I would trade it for a cottage on the beach somewhere in the Keys.


Connect with Jenny:

Jenny is generously giving away a grand prize of $25 GC + the silver heart necklace (valued at $25). Next prize $25 GC. Last prize $10 GC. The gift cards will be winners choice of Amazon or B&N.  Awesome, right?  Just fill out the rafflecopter below for a chance to win.  Good luck and thank you for visiting Waves of Fiction!

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  1. This does sound like an easy, quick night read, adding to TBR list! :)
    Karina V

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  7. Thanks for the interest everybody! Good luck on the giveaway.

    Omima, I wish I could answer your question. My first instinct is to say yes, because if you win a gift card I could still email it to you through Amazon. Not sure what the value would be due to the exchange rate though. Sorry I'm not very helpful.

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  12. Oh, this looks good! And that it's the same pub as Bowen series definitely gets my attention. This sounds like a very good romantic suspense, Rachel. Adding to my to-read!

  13. I love how you started reading! I am pretty much the same way. Chatter box all the way but if I am reading a book leave me alone and enjoy the silence LOL .

  14. A cop and a doctor? They'll only see each other once a month!

  15. Heart Trouble looks like a short, sexy read which I enjoy!
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  16. Summer is a great time for romantic suspense and since I also cut my romantic teeth with Kathleen Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsay, Rosemary Rogers and that group, I know you have excellent taste.

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    eg kaufman

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  19. Sounds like an awesome read! Love that it's on the shorter side, so it's a quick read :)

  20. I also really enjoy romantic suspense and quick reads, so this sounds fun! I really like the premise for this one. And I love the sound of Sean and Erin. I am looking forward to picking this up! I'm glad you still enjoyed this! Great review, Rachel! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

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  24. Jenny Lyn, yes it's possible to send gift cards from Amazon. Here in the UK, American Amazon giftcards can be utilised on