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Review: Unwrapped by Maisey Yates

Publication Date: November 18th 2014 by InterMix
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About the book:

Kindergarten teacher Sarah Larsen has spent her whole life being the good girl. But now, she’s ready to do something bad. So wearing the shortest, tightest black dress she owns, she marches over to the nearest bar to fulfill her Christmas fantasy: a wild night with a total stranger.

Walker Callahan moved to Silver Creek to start fresh. He doesn’t want to bring his baggage into a relationship, so an evening of fun with the sexiest welcoming committee ever is just what he needs.

They were both in it for one night with no strings attached.. But when Sarah discovers that Walker is the father of her new student, things turn deliciously complicated. Can the cold winter nights thaw two frozen hearts?

My Thoughts:
Unwrapped was short and sweet at just 117 pages it takes less than a couple of hours to satisfy a romance craving. 

After being raised by a strict grandmother, kindergarten teacher Sarah Larsen hasn’t had much experience in the romance department.  In fact, she’s still a virgin at the age of thirty.  Sarah feels it’s time to finally let go of her inhibitions and “let loose”, and she intends to do that by picking up a man and having her wicked way with him.  Walker seems like the perfect candidate! Her plan to spend one night without strings is foiled a bit when at the end of the night she experiences a rush of emotions and feels a direct connection from her heart to Walker.  Sarah hightails it out of there pronto, averting anymore risk to her heart, figuring she’ll never lay eyes on Walker again anyhow.   

Walker has just bought a ranch in Silver Creek to start anew after his divorce.  He doesn’t plan on having a one-nightstand when he walks into the local bar, but Sarah draws him in like a beacon, and they spend a passionate night together.

Neither Sarah nor Walker plan on seeing each other again, but when Walker goes to pick up his daughter Kayla from her new kindergarten class, Sarah has the shock of her life.  Awkward!

Sarah was sweet and sincere and wore her heart on her sleeve.  I find it hard to hide my emotions much of the time, so I could really relate to her.  Her upbringing while not neglectful in a physical way was lacking in love. I truly wished for Sarah to find the love that was long overdue to her.

I felt bad for Walker as well.  His heart had been bruised by years spent in a loveless marriage, and he’s just trying to move on and provide a stable home for his daughter.  He’s attracted to Sarah and wants a physical relationship but makes it clear that’s all he has to give. I was disappointed with his treatment of Sarah and the walls he put up and I was disappointed that Sarah for the most part just took it.  I do get where Walker was coming from but to punish Sarah for his ex-wife’s crappy behavior wasn’t fair.  Fortunately, this didn’t last for too long.

Unwrapped is perfect if you’re in the mood for a short and sweet holiday romance that will leave you with the warm fuzzies. 

3 Suns

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