Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: The Lion's Den (Faraway #2) by Eliza Freed

The Lion's Den (Faraway #2) by Eliza Freed 
Published January 12th 2016 by Brunswick House
The stunning conclusion to the Faraway novels.

An injury stops the bleeding of Meredith and Brad Walsh’s fractured marriage. As Meredith recovers and tries to regain her memory, Brad fights to convince Meredith their marriage was perfect, even if it barely existed.

But with Meredith’s memory comes clarity, and Meredith is faced with the reality of a husband and a lover. A husband who will do anything not to lose—his family or anything else, and a lover who will set her free to see her happy. Breaking up her family is not an option, but neither is staying hidden inside her mind.

My Thoughts
DAMN that was GOOD!!!
I’ve had my eye on The Lion’s Den since that painful cliffy in the first book, and I am so glad I continued with this story. As with many series, I often lose interest in subsequent installments, but not with the Faraway series! I was determined to see how this story would end and just as I thought…. The Lion’s Den would NOT let my attention go! ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING!

This installment picks up right where The Devil’s Playground left off. Vincent Pratt gets that dreaded text from Meredith Walsh that signals their affair is over. As the story progresses, a tragic accident leaves both Vincent and Meredith struggling to figure out if they can ever be together again, but as one marriage falls apart and the other one evolves into something sinister, finding each other might be their only salvation.

I loved how Eliza Freed concluded this story! I’m always a sucker for illicit relationships because only in fiction do I allow myself to let my morale compass navigate to forbidden territory. It’s always exciting to travel with these characters as they make choices that have me at the edge of my seat.

The Lion’s Den was absolutely addictive. I finished this story in one sitting, all the while stopping myself from jumping to the end for spoilers. I can’t wait to pick up another novel by this author. She definitely has a way of creating an exciting adventure and testing your moral limits. Loved it!
5 Suns

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  1. Definitely going to check this out -- I have been in want of a new addictive series and this sounds great!!