Thursday, June 28, 2018

Review: The One You Can't Forget by Roni Loren

Publication Date: June 5th 2018 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 416
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About the book:

Most days Rebecca Lindt feels like an imposter...
The world admires her as a survivor. But that impression would crumble if people knew her secret. She didn't deserve to be the one who got away. But nothing can change the past, so she's thrown herself into her work. She can't dwell if she never slows down.

Wes Garrett is trying to get back on his feet after losing his dream restaurant, his money, and half his damn mind in a vicious divorce. But when he intervenes in a mugging and saves Rebecca―the attorney who helped his ex ruin him―his simple life gets complicated.

Their attraction is inconvenient and neither wants more than a fling. But when Rebecca's secret is put at risk, both discover they could lose everything, including what they never realized they needed: each other

She laughed and kissed him. This morning she'd melted down. But somehow this man had her laughing and turned on only a few hours later. Everything inside her felt buoyed.

She felt...light.

She'd forgotten what that felt like.

My Thoughts:
Rebecca Lindt is a successful divorce attorney and a survivor of the Long Acre school shooting which has left her with a lot of baggage.  Right after the shooting Rebecca was determined to live her life to the fullest in honor of the ones that didn’t make it, but things haven’t turned out exactly as planned.  Her life takes a turn when she’s rescued and cared for by Wes Garrett after a mugging-gone-wrong.

Wes Garrett’s dreams were derailed when his lying ex-wife swindled him out of his restaurant by misrepresenting him in court, and with the help of Rebecca skewering him in the divorce settlement. Even though Wes is a hero and comes to the rescue, once they figure out each other’s identities things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine…

Both Wes and Rebecca have emotional struggles, Wes has feelings of inadequacy after almost pissing his life away over a bad divorce.  Rebecca grapples with being one of the “lucky” ones who survived, and harbors guilt over a secret from the shooting feeling like she doesn’t quite deserve to be happy. Their problems felt real and relatable.  After the initial bumps Wes and Rebecca form a friendship and help each other see the big picture, recognize their worth to the world and each other.  They grow closer attraction building and simmering along the way until they just about burn up the sheets as lovers!  I love the slow hot sexual tension Roni Loren built between these two!

After not being blow away by The One Who Got Away I was pleasantly surprised by The One You Can’t Forget.  Roni Loren’s talented writing brought Wes and Rebecca to life, made me care about them, and I desperately wanted a happy ending for these two together!  Loved their romantic journey!

5 Suns


  1. I adored this one, too. I felt their hardships was also what made them good for each other.

  2. Wow a 5!? But yes I have never seen a bad review ;)

    1. I know, I was surprised by how much I loved this story! :)

  3. More wounded characters. Yes! I love the gently damaged ones. I also love this series. The whole concept won me over in book 1, and I really need to work this one into my TBR soon.

  4. I STILL haven't read anything by this author, but I REALLY want to! I've only heard/seen wonderful things about her books. 5-stars only makes me want to read it more! <3

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?