Friday, January 8, 2021

Review: Daylight by David Baldacci


Daylight (Atlee Pine #3) by David Baldacci
Publication Date: November 17th 2020 by Grand Central Publishing
Pages: 432
Audio Book Length: 11 hrs 37 min
Narrators: Brittany Pressley & Kyf Brewer
Source: Publisher & Purchased Audiobook
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My Thoughts:
Atlee Pine is searching for answers in the abduction of her twin sister, thirty years earlier. Her sister, Mercy was taken, and Atlee was left, but assaulted and almost died. The events shattered her family and is one of the chief reasons she became an FBI agent. All three books have taken us a little closer to the truth of that night, but the focus of each story is divided into that ongoing mystery and a new mystery Atlee which is solved by the end.

I won’t spoil the series by detailing the progress in her search for answers about her sister and family, but I will say that it doesn’t fully resolve by the end of Daylight. Honestly, I was a little disappointed by that, but even so, Daylight was a captivating read! Murder and political corruption are at the center of this mystery, and this time in addition to her intrepid FBI assistant Carol Blum she has John Puller as a partner in tracking down these evil people. Lots of action and danger with them barely coming away with their lives had me on edge of my seat!

So far, there’s been no serious romance for Atlee, but I have hope (hopeless romantic here) that along with the truth, Atlee will find someone special. There was the possibility in the last book, but nothing concrete happened however something may come of it in the coming book (s?).  

Atlee is my hero! She’s one badass having been an Olympic weightlifter and MMA competitor, she has the muscle and skill to take on the nastiest fights, and she has no problem fighting dirty when necessary! She’s a champion for victims and can’t stand to walk away when she should be focusing on her own investigation.

This series is best read in order.

I alternately listened and read the book, and the audio was fantastic! Brittany Pressley’s strong, calm voice made Atlee come alive, and I love that Kyf Brewer performed all the male parts. I listened at 1.3x normal speed.

 4 Stars


  1. Good to know the series is best read in order. It does sound promising.

  2. I just love those female characters that can kick booty, and train their bodies to embrace their best strengths.

  3. I've never read any of Baldacci's books although my mom loves them. But Atlee does sound like an awesome character. I hope she finds love in the next book. ;D

  4. I like that her personal mystery case is going on through the series with cases solved in each book. She sounds amazing.
    I will get to this series at some point. :)

  5. I have the first two books in this series and really need to try to get to it this year. This one sounds like something that I would really enjoy.

  6. I'm really enjoying this series. Fantastic review Rachel! Atlee and Carol are my heroes! There is a whole separate series about John Puller with 4 books and I've read the first one now. So much I always want to read. Luckily they are all at the library on audio even.

    Anne - Books of My Heart