Thursday, November 10, 2022

Audio Review: Always the First to Die by R.J. Jacobs


Always the First to Die by R.J. Jacobs
Publication Date: September13th 2022 by Dreamscape Media
Pages: 304
Audio Book Length:  8hrs  33min
Narrator: Petrea Buchard
Source: Publisher &

My Thoughts:
Lexi has no desire to return to her infamous filmmaker father-in-law’s mansion, Pinecrest Estate, in the Florida Keys. There’s a terrible history there, from an accident while filming his blockbuster horror flick, to the disappearance of Lexi’s husband just a year earlier, there’s bad, scary memories connected to the mansion and her father-in-law. But when Lexi’s teenage daughter does a bait-and-switch in order to work on a new slasher movie being filmed at Pinecrest, she has no choice but to go. Especially, with a category 4 hurricane headed there.

The story alternates telling the past, how Lexi ended up on the original film, met and fell in love with her husband, and the tragedies that ensued, to the present with Lexi desperate to get to her daughter and stay alive.

Always the First to Die was a fun mystery that had a slasher-movie feel to it, complete with yelling at the heroine “don’t go in there” moments! I enjoyed how it all turned out. An ode to all the 80s slasher/horror flicks, fun mentions of ones like Aliens (one of my favorites that scared the heck out of me at the time!) and more.

It’s my first time listening to Petrea Buchard and I really enjoyed her performance of all voices, male and female! I listened at my normal 1.5x speed.

4 Stars


  1. As a fan of both mysteries and slashers, this sounds like the perfect book for me. What a fun concept!

    1. I love the 80's slasher films too! It was a fast and fun read!

  2. Gotta love when a book can play off those classic slasher movies. This sounds like a fun and fast-paced thriller. :)

  3. I am so happy to see that you enjoyed this one! I downloaded it from but I still need to listen to it. It sounds like I should get to it soon.

  4. Glad you enjoyed this does sound like a slasher film:)

  5. Good to know you recommend this audiobook. Great review!

  6. Sounds enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

    Anne - Books of My Heart