Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Audiobook Review: Murder at Haven's Rock by Kelley Armstrong

Murder at Haven's Rock (Haven's Rock #1) by Kelley Armstrong
Publication Date: February 21st 2023 by Macmllan Audio & Minotaur Books
Pages: 352
Audio Book Length: 10hrs 33min
Narrator: Thérèse Plummer
Source: Publishers
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My Thoughts:
I have loved the Rockton series from the start! A town off-the-grid, hidden, a shelter for someone when conventional justice has failed, such as a victim of stalking, an abusive partner, wrongfully accused, etc., While Rockton supposedly vetted the people before granting sanctuary, only allowing the innocent, non-violent in, we found out that wasn’t always the case.

Casey and Eric have gone on to start their own town and they’re set on running things the right way. As much as they can anyhow, and we see that put to the test with the first installment in this Rockton spinoff.

Haven’s Rock is still under construction when two key workers, the architect, and the engineer, go missing. Eric and Casey are called in by Yolanda, the lead coordinator of the build, to find the workers.

As usual Casey and Eric, and their Newfoundland dog, Storm, are an impressive team working together to find out what happened. Did they get lost or is there a more nefarious reason they’re gone? The story was riveting as Casey and Eric face danger, working to uncover the truth!

Haven’s Rock is an exciting new chapter for Casey and Eric, and as usual not all is going to plan. The mystery wrapped up, but we’re left with an unsettling discovery in the end. I wonder how it will play out. Fortunately, they have their trusted friends/assets joining them at Haven’s Rock, so they’ll have a formidable group at their back. I eagerly await the next book! Murder at Haven’s Rock is technically a spinoff, but it’s best to read the Rockton series first in order.

I alternately listened and read to Murder at Haven’s Rock. I love this series! I highly recommend the audio version! Thérèse Plummer narrates, as with the previous books, and she performs all voices, male and female seamlessly! She’s one of my all-time favorite narrators and her performance here is perfection! I listened at my usual 1.5x normal speed.

 5 Stars

Book Description:

New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong’s Rockton Novels had one of the most unique towns in crime fiction. Murder at Haven's Rock is a spinoff, a fresh start... with a few new dangers that threaten everything before it even begins.

Haven’s Rock, Yukon. Population: 0

Deep in the Yukon wilderness, a town is being built. A place for people to disappear, a fresh start from a life on the run. Haven’s Rock isn’t the first town of this kind, something detective Casey Duncan and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton, know first hand. They met in the original town of Rockton. But greed and deception led the couple to financing a new refuge for those in need. This time around, they get to decide which applicants are approved for residency.

There’s only one rule in Haven’s Rock: stay out of the forest. When two of the town's construction crew members break it and go missing, Casey and Eric are called in ahead of schedule to track them down. When a body is discovered, well hidden with evidence of foul play, Casey and Eric must find out what happened to the dead woman, and locate the still missing man. The woman stumbled upon something she wasn’t supposed to see, and the longer Casey and Eric don’t know what happened, the more danger everyone is in.


  1. I can't wait to read this. I'm going to move the last Rockton books up my list so I can get to it. :)

  2. I read this author's first few books and they were meh to me so I stopped reading her.

    1. I understand. Not every author is going to work for every reader.

  3. Wasn't this fantastic?! I may have to grab the audiobooks for a re-read someday. I am so glad that you enjoyed it as much as you did.

  4. I am always so eager to read them, that I haven't tried listening. I am so excited we are getting more stories in this world.

  5. I really need to read more of Armstrong's books. I've read a couple and really enjoyed them. This one definitely sounds like a winner!

    1. It was! If you enjoy her writing I think you'd love this series.

  6. I need to read a Kelly Armstrong book, I keep hearing wonderful things about her .

  7. I LOVE this series. Excellent review Rachel. I agree the audio is stellar.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  8. I love this series, too! And I so can't wait to read this latest book. If only my library hold would come in! :D

  9. We all know that the dog does all the work. Just kidding (maybe not) Your excitement for this book shines in your review.

  10. I haven't read Kelly Armstrong before, but her books sounds like exactly the kind of thing I'd like. Great review.

  11. Ack one day!!!!! I wish the library was closer, at least one of hers is there