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Review: Caught Running by Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux

Caught Running
Caught Running by Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux
Published on December 1, 2007 by Dreamspinner Press
Ten years after graduation, Jake "the jock" Campbell and Brandon "the nerd" Bartlett are teaching at their old high school and still living in separate worlds. When Brandon is thrown into a coaching job on Jake's baseball team, they find themselves learning more about each other than they'd ever expected.

High school is all about image - even for the teachers. Brandon and Jake have to get past their preconceived notions to find the friendship needed to work together. And somewhere along the way, they discover that perceptions can always change for the better.

Crystal's Thoughts:
I love these two authors to pieces.  They have written one of my all time favorite series and I was really excited to pick up Caught Running.  I knew going in that this book would have two hilarious characters and that the romance would be steamy steamy.  They did not disappoint me one bit!

Caught Running involves my two favorite jobs for a character.  Being a teacher and being the coach.  I love love love stories that have teachers in them!  I confess I had a crush on my English teacher who just so happened to be the baseball coach of my high school so this book really grabbed me.  Jake and Brandon were wonderful teachers.  I really liked their methods and I loved when Brandon introduced a hilarious new game to his health students.  They were amazing teachers, but that wasn't their only amazing trait!

This story was steamy and fun.  Brandon and Jake went to the same high school, but they did not run in the same crowds.  After different paths lead them back to teaching at their old school they have to team up to coach this years baseball team.  From the get go these guys had chemistry.  They had witty banter and I laughed quite a bit.  I really couldn't expect anything less from these two amazing authors.  Even their steamy scenes were funny!  I have to say though their big moment took forever to get too!  I guess I am use to THE moment being on page 30 so having to wait was torture.  I just wanted them to get together!  They were so great for each other!

What I loved most though was that this was drama free for the most part.  I am finding that I can't read books with too much emotional drama at the moment so this was a huge relief for me.  This book was purely about Jake and Brandon trying to make it work after finding out that they both wanted to be together.  There are those "oh I hope he likes me as much as I like him" moments, but for the most part this book was just fun and an easy read.  I appreciated that the authors chose to let the characters just live in the moment and not be bogged down by too much.

Favorite scene was at the end with Troy.  I would absolutely love to read his story. He reminds me of Ty and I have a HUGE soft spot for Ty from the Cut & Run series.

This is a wonderful book that kept a huge smile on my face for days!

4 Suns

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