Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Review & Giveaway: The Cowboy and His Baby by Jessica Clare

Publication Date: May 7th 2019 by Berkley
Pages: 304
Source: Publisher and Purchased Audiobook
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About the book:

From New York Times bestselling author Jessica Clare comes a contemporary Western romance about a cowboy who is in for the ride of his life…. 

Dustin is a ranch hand with a reputation around town as a ladies’ man. He loves flirting and the thrill of the chase. When he tilts his cowboy hat just so, no one can resist his charms. It’s all fun and games for Dustin until he meets a woman who sparks real feelings in him, and he’s blindsided by love.

Annie is an animal trainer working on set for a film. Other than her furry, canine coworkers, she hasn’t connected with the rest of the movie’s crew. It’s only when a certain cowboy catches her eye that Wyoming becomes interesting. She intends for their romance to be a fling, but by the time filming wraps up, she’s unexpectedly pregnant. 

While Annie is prepared to walk away and raise her baby by herself, Dustin isn’t so ready to say good-bye. He has to prove to Annie that she has a future in Wyoming and capture her heart before it’s too late....

My Thoughts:
Annie, a dog trainer, is in Wyoming for a film shoot. She wasn’t expecting to have a fling, but Dustin, a local cowboy gets past her usual shields and they end up spending all her off-time together.  He’s sexy and sweet, and she finds herself falling hard. 

Annie feels like a breath of fresh air for Dustin. She wasn’t falling all over herself to go out with him. For once he had to work to get a woman to go out with him.  But more than that, she’s got a genuine heart, speaks her mind and doesn’t play games. She’s the woman he never knew he wanted, he never thought he’d want anything but a casual good time, but Annie has him re-thinking his plans.

Annie ends up pregnant, and a misunderstanding has her questioning whether she was all wrong about Dustin.

I kind of love the unexpected pregnancy troupe! It was clear Dustin and Annie were falling harder than they counted on before that was ever thrown in the mix, and Annie’s pregnancy forces them to get through a misunderstanding that may have parted them for good otherwise.  Dustin was a complete sweetheart determined to have a future with Annie and his baby. 

Annie was a little insecure so I could understand why she made a snap decision without getting the full story, but thankfully that part of the story didn’t have much page time, so the frustration over that was low.  Also, Annie fully owned up to her mistake and was really sorry.

Their romance was realistic with both Dustin and Annie each vulnerable and insecure in parts, but it was also sweet, and pretty hot!  I was fully invested in their journey to a HEA!

I part listened and part read The Cowboy and His Baby.  I’ve listened to Abby Craden narration before and she’s great with both female and male voices, especially with a Southern accent, but I usually have to crank up the speed to 1.5 times normal.  Granted, there aren’t many audio books I listen to at normal speed, most are 1.25x or higher.

4 Suns

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  1. this looks like such a sweet story, love insecure characters facing their problems

  2. I think this would work for me because they were together for a while before the pregnancy happened. And, I can get behind the misunderstanding under those circumstances particularly because she delivered a true apology. I haven't read Jessica Clare for a while. This sounds good.

  3. Sounds like a sweet read! Thank you

  4. I'm glad their misunderstanding didn't drag on forever; I hate when authors do that. This sounds like a fun summer read. :)

  5. Lol, I just wrote a review where I said I wanted to slap her silly ;) But I did enjoy it :D

  6. I've read books by Jessica Clare before and have really enjoyed them! This romance sounds really sweet! I especially like that Dustin had to work for Annie to go out with him, when he's not use to working for it! Awesome Review Rachel!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  7. This sounds like it would be a great summer read! Wonderful review!

  8. I am intrigued by Annie's job as an animal trainer for movies. I researched this job and more movie careers a few summers ago and love all the safety and health laws for animals on set now.