Monday, May 9, 2022

Review: When She Dreams by Amanda Quick


When She Dreams (Burning Cove #6) by Amanda Quick
Publication Date: May 3rd 2022 by Berkley
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher 
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My Thoughts:
Maggie Lodge hires Sam Sage, a private detective to help to find the person trying to blackmail her employer, the woman behind the Aunt Cornelia advice column. Their quest takes them to the glamorous town of Burning Cove, the hot getaway destination of the rich and famous and where Maggie runs into a dangerous man from her past. Sam and Maggie may butt heads a few times at the start of their investigation, but they quickly come to respect each other’s strengths and talents as they get to know each other, and an attraction builds between them.

As with the previous stories, there’s a bit of a paranormal element. Lucid dreaming for Maggie and Sam with his uncanny intuition.

The Burning Cove mysteries are delightfully entertaining!  The 1930s time period is vividly portrayed: art deco, dressing up for dinner, dancing and cocktails, and old Hollywood glamour. Danger, thrills, and romance made for a fast addictive story, easy to fly right through. When She Dreams is book six in the series, but each book can be read as a standalone with a unique mystery and romance.  

4 Stars

Book Description:

Return to 1930s Burning Cove, California, the glamorous seaside playground for Hollywood stars, mobsters, spies, and a host of others who find more than they bargain for in this mysterious town.

Maggie Lodge, assistant to the reclusive advice columnist known only as Dear Aunt Cornelia to her readers, hires down-but-not-quite-out private eye Sam Sage to help track down the person who is blackmailing her employer. Maggie and Sam are a mismatched pair. As far as Sam is concerned, Maggie is reckless and in over her head. She is not what he had in mind for a client, but he can’t afford to be choosy. Maggie, on the other hand, is convinced that Sam is badly in need of guidance and good advice. She does not hesitate to give him both.
In spite of the verbal fireworks between them, they are fiercely attracted to each other, but each is convinced it would be a mistake to let passion take over. They are, after all, keeping secrets from each other. Sam is haunted by his past, which includes a marriage shattered by betrayal and violence. Maggie is troubled by intense and vivid dreams—dreams that she can sometimes control. There are those who want to run experiments on her and use her for their own purposes, while others think she should be committed to an asylum.
When the pair discovers someone is impersonating Aunt Cornelia at a conference on psychic dreaming and a woman dies at the conference, the door is opened to a dangerous web of blackmail and murder. Secrets from the past are revealed, leaving Maggie and Sam in the path of a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to exact vengeance.


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About the author:

Amanda Quick is a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz, the author, under various pen names, of more than fifty New York Times bestsellers. There are more than 35 million copies of her books in print. She is also the author of the Ladies of Lantern Street novels and the Arcane Society series.


  1. It's great when a series can still delight after so many books. Historical paranormals are an interesting combination as well.

  2. This series does sound like fun. I like that there is just a touch of paranormal too.

  3. Such a unique time period - one I don't see used very often. Glad the series continues to be so fulfilling!

  4. oh yay!! I have been really excited to see what you thought of this one. I love this time period and we don't see nearly enough in it!

    Lovely review!

  5. I've got this one still to read. I love this 1930's setting with the psychic gifts and mystery with the romance.

  6. This mystery does sound very entertaining! And what a fun time period. I like that there's a supernatural element, too. :)

  7. glad it was a good one. i have read some of her work, but it has been some time ago. happy reading
    sherry @ fundinmental

  8. This one sounds like a fun mix of historical fiction and a touch of supernatural. :)

  9. This is a series I've wanted to start since forever!

  10. It has been ages since I read her, and she is good