Thursday, March 30, 2023

Review: Hotel of Secrets by Diana Biller


Hotel of Secrets by Diana Biller
Publication Date: March 28th 2023 by St. Martin's Griffin  & Dreamscape Media
Pages: 416
Audiobook Length: 13hrs 31min
Narrator: Carlotta Brentan
Source: Publishers
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My Thoughts:
Maria Wallner is trying to keep her hotel running while turning it back into the dazzling gem it used to be. Not an easy task since her mother ran it into the ground, focused more on her love affair than the hotel or even her daughter. But sabotage and attempts on Maria’s life hinder her efforts.

Eli is sent from the US to Vienna to find out who leaked top secret codes. A suspicious letter was sent from the Hotel Wallner and so he goes there in an undercover mission to investigate. The codes aren’t the only mystery, though. When Eli saves Maria’s life he is compelled to find out who’s behind the attempts to kill her and rule Maria out as a suspect in the espionage plots, as well.

Hotel of Secrets was magical! The writing beautifully described an old world, glamorous Vienna. Maria and her tribe of friends and family were so much fun. Maria is independent and resourceful, forever working out a solution to the many problems that hinder her goals of restoring the hotel to its former glory. Loved that even though she had a mission, she didn’t forget her family and friends.

Eli was focused and methodical in his job and investigations. It was refreshing that Eli was the inexperienced one in the romance department, but that didn’t stop him from using his attention to details and focus into research and he was a quick, thorough study! Maria and Eli’s romance was fun, open, and honest, but also very passionate and sensual! It was spicy, but not overdone. Also enjoyed Eli’s relationship with Maria’s brother, Mac and the French spy, Claude. They were a hoot!

I alternately read an e-copy and listened to the audio version of Hotel of Secrets, and I highly recommend either version! Carlotta Brentan narrated the story, and her accents were lovely! Her performance definitely enhanced this captivating romance! I listened at my usual 1.5x normal speed.

5 Stars

Book Description:

During ball season, anything can happen, even love.

It’s ball season in Vienna, and Maria Wallner only wants one thing: to restore her family’s hotel, the Hotel Wallner, to its former glory. She’s not going to let anything get in her way - not her parents’ three-decade-long affair; not seemingly-random attacks by masked assassins; and especially not the broad-shouldered American foreign agent who’s saved her life two times already. No matter how luscious his mouth is.

Eli Whittaker also only wants one thing: to find out who is selling American secret codes across Europe, arrest them, and go home to his sensible life in Washington, DC. He has one lead - a letter the culprit sent from a Viennese hotel. But when he arrives in Vienna, he is immediately swept up into a chaotic whirlwind of balls, spies, waltzes, and beautiful hotelkeepers who seem to constantly find themselves in danger. He disapproves of all of it! But his disapproval is tested as he slowly falls deeper into the chaos - and as his attraction to said hotelkeeper grows.


  1. Love the setting and premise. Wonderful review. I don't think I've read this author.

  2. I've been looking forward to reading this one because I really loved her other book...I'm so glad you liked it enough to give it 5 stars. Now I know I'll love it, too. :D

  3. You've got me convince. Going on the list. :)

  4. Nice review! I'm definitely intrigued by this one, and will probably listen to the audiobook.

  5. I read this too and just loved it as well!

  6. oh wow! What a review! I can tell how much you loved this one. I do want to try this one out. I know so many enjoy this authors work. I love writing like this though, so definitely upping this on my list.

  7. Wonderful review, Rachel. This book sounds wonderful and love the setting. I can't remember reading a book set in Vienna.