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Review: Love Your Entity by Cat Devon

Love Your Entity (Entity, #3)
Love Your Entity (Entity #3) by Cat Devons
Published on December 31st, 2013 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
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About the book
Sierra Brennan can inherit her great-uncle’s historic Chicago townhouse under one condition: She must live there for thirty consecutive days. What could possibly go wrong? As a writer and a ghost whisperer, Sierra has a vast imagination and a brave spirit. But not even she is prepared for the gorgeous—and naked—vampire who greets her at the door.


Ronan McCoy has spent the past century waiting to come home…to this house. The presence of the beautiful, brazen Sierra is one complication he doesn’t expect. The other is Hal, a dangerous ghost and original member of Al Capone’s gang who’s dead-set on revenge. What is a formerly indentured vampire supposed to do to get a moment’s peace? All he knows for sure is that he must protect Sierra from Hal. But once he has her in his arms, can he ever let her go? Life—and love—is becoming stranger than fiction for Sierra…and more delicious than she and Ronan could have ever imagined... in Love Your Entity. 

My Thoughts:
Okay I'm going to be honest Love Your Entity was fluff, but it was really really good fluff.  I haven't read a book like this in awhile and it really brought me back to when I used to read these types of books exclusively.  I guess I will always have a soft spot for vampires and this book made me wish I had one of my own again.

Sierra is an author which I loved of course.  She writes ghost hunter stories staring a kickass heroine named Nikki. When she inherits a distant relatives house she jumps on the opportunity to put down roots.  One big condition though is that she has to live in this house for 30 days straight and well two other previous relatives have tried to live in it and failed.  This isn't a concern of Sierra's though because unlike her other relatives she can see ghosts so whatever is living in that house will just have to move out, Sierra is moving in and staying put.

All that goes out the window when she walks in a sees a naked man standing in her living room.  And of course he is handsome and drop dead sexy, but Sierra isn't even going to let this mans claim on her house stop her.  Little does she know that this gorgeous man is actually a vampire and well nothing will be easy from here on out.

When I read these types of books I know the story is going to be corny and this was didn't disappoint.  There is even a bond type thing that can only be broken by the two who are bonded having sex...yep by having sex ha!  See fun fluff!  There are a lot of these little situations through out that made the story fun.  Even the ghosts that were supposed to be scary really weren't that scary and in the end were pretty easy to vanquish.  I liked that though.  It was minimal drama and action that left room for the steamy scenes and hot vampire molting stares of desire.  Sometimes we as readers need these kind of stories to cleanse our pallet.

What really sold this for me were the characters.  I really liked Sierra and Ronan.  They are a fun couple that had a lot of obstacles to work out, but  in the end they did what they had to do for each other and things work out for them.  I am not saying how they work out though you will have to read the book to figure that one out.

The cast of characters rounds out nicely with a few witches, more vampires, and even a demon hunter.  I mean really what more do you need? Each character brought something to the table and I might even read the other stories in this series to see how each couple ended up together.

Does this story have problems, yes it does but you know what I am not going to dwell on those problems.  For once I think I am going to just enjoy the story for what it was and let all those little problems go. This was fun and I am sticking with that!

3 suns

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