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Review: Wanderlust by Roni Loren

Publication Date: July 19th 2016 by Intermix
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About the book:

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Loving on the Edge series and Off the Clock, a story of sex, love, rock & roll, and a reporter who’s about to learn a new meaning for staying on top of her assignment...
Restaurant critic Aubrey Bordelon is never at a loss for words to describe her meals in the fancy restaurants of New Orleans. But after her magazine’s high-profile music reporter falls ill, she finds herself out of her element and in a sea of screaming fans awaiting Wanderlust’s lead singer, Lex Logan. The sound of his voice gives her goosebumps, and the stage presence of the hard-bodied rock star takes her breath away. So when he pulls her onstage for a sexy stunt, she knows she’s in real trouble.

Lex doesn’t want to pretend that the sparks on stage between him and Aubrey never happened, but it certainly makes the fact that she’s writing a story on his band all the more dangerous. The last thing he needs is some nosy reporter revealing their problems to the world. But the sexy Southern belle doesn’t give up easily, and soon he’s wondering if the best way to chase her off the story is to coax her into his bed…

Includes a preview of the next Loving on the Edge novel, Loving You Easy!

My Thoughts:
Aubrey is called in for an unexpected assignment, as a journalist for NOLA Vibe, she usually covers restaurants and food, but when a co-worker gets hurt she has to step into his assignment and follow the rock band Wanderlust. Aubrey wants nothing to do with this assignment, but her boss has made it clear to move ahead she must be willing to step in and handle any story.  Entitled, conceited, bad boy rockers are not her idea of fun, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Aubrey doesn’t count on the sparks flying between her and Lex Logan, the band’s lead singer, but after a body shot stage stunt she can’t stop thinking about the instant intense attraction.  Too bad she needs to keep him at arm’s length, keep things professional, and there’s no way she wants to be another notch in this manwhore’s belt.  Can she fight their irresistible pull? 

Lex Logan pulls a hot, sexy, woman onto his stage and can’t get her off his mind.  Aubrey is nothing like the parade of groupies willing to do anything for a piece of Lex, but when he finds out Aubrey is the reporter sent for a story on his band he looks for any way to distract her from the trouble brewing between his bandmates.  Lex doesn’t plan on falling for Aubrey while trying to get her kicked off the story by luring her into an inappropriate relationship, but life rarely goes as planned.

Wanderlust sounds like just another rocker romance, which I’m usually weary of, because I have to wonder if a relationship can last the constant offers from women through the years.  However, with Roni Loren writing this I had to read it.  She brings heart, oodles of heat, and originality to every story.  Lex and Aubrey have many facets, both sexy and vulnerable in their own way, making them come to life off the page. Both deal with their own personal dramas, and each end up lending support and a listening ear just at the right times.

I love Roni Loren’s writing! She brilliantly sets the stage for a scorching romance, building steam, layering on sexual tension and attraction, just the way I like it!

4 Suns

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