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Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: A Perfect Mistake by Zoe Dawson

Hello readers! I thrilled to be part of the Blog Tour for A Perfect Mistake by Zoe Dawson because this series is awesome and all kinds of fun!  This tour is hosted by AToMR tours. Thanks for allowing us to participate!  For a complete schedule of stops click HERE.  For my stop I have a review and an awesome giveaway, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom to enter.

Publication Date: December 16th 2013 by Blue Moon Creative
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About the book:

How can they have a future when their past is based on a lie?

The perfect preacher’s daughter, Verity Fairchild, has something that only she and God know about and she wants to keep it that way. Her mistake was easy to keep secret when she was out of town, but now that she's come back to Hope Parish for the summer, she comes face-to-face with the guy responsible for it all. Boone Outlaw nearly ruined everything for her and despite the fact that he's now working at her father's church, she's determined to stay as far away from him as possible.

Boone Outlaw doesn't understand Verity's anger towards him. He barely knows her. In high school she was Holy Mary Verity and she was off limits - except in his dreams where Verity seems way too real. Most of the time he was wasted in high school, not the type of boy Verity would ever look at twice, but he can’t shake the feeling that something might have happened between them. He’s going to break his own rules to get the answers he needs straight from Verity.

What will Verity do when she finds something in Boone that she never knew existed and her perfect mistake is the only thing that could stand between them and their happiness? Will she sacrifice Boone to keep her secret?

My Thoughts:
A Perfect Mistake was a story full of Southern charm, undeniable attraction, and a secret that could shatter everything. This is the second installment featuring the Outlaw Brothers, or the “unholy trinity” of bad-boy hotness, and it did not disappoint!

Verity Fairchild, known as “Holy Mary Verity” the beautiful preacher’s daughter is back in Suttontown after a year, spending it supposedly on a mission in Kenya.  She’s tried so hard to live up to the town and her father’s expectations of perfect, but she is far from that, and Boone Outlaw is at the center of her fall. Boone has been the star of all her romantic fantasies all through high school, but she hates him for what he did to her last summer.  Still, she can’t help but fight the attraction that bubbles up every time she lays eyes on him. Doesn’t help that Boone’s working on a project at the church where Verity spends most of her days.  No matter, she just needs to tough it out for the rest of the summer and then she’s gone pursuing her dreams as a fashion designer. However, being around Boone so much reveals a much different man than she’d hated in her heart, and now she questions her assumptions.

Boone has always had a thing for Verity, but being “Holy Mary Verity”, the preacher’s pristine daughter, he knew she was forbidden and he with his Outlaw reputation didn’t stand a chance.

She was smart and always had her hand up in class. Had always been prepared and organized. I wanted to muss her up half the time. Make her lose her focus. The other half, I wanted to touch her hair, breathe in her scent. Yeah, major crush on Verity.*

Yet, after a year away, Verity is back and sending death glares that could melt a man.  And that just makes him even hotter for her, but still, Boone can’t imagine what he’s done to earn her scorn, but he plans on finding out!

I seriously loved A Perfect Mess, so I’ve been looking forward to Boone and Verity’s story.  There was a serious thundercloud of drama lurking behind their story so I was anxious to get to the bottom of it. Verity and Boone have an undeniable attraction and chemistry, one that’s been brewing for a long time afar, so when these two finally give into their desires it’s smoking HOT!

While some of the secret is revealed and settled pretty early on, part of it lingers until almost the end making you anxious about how things will be resolved.  It’s sad what happened, and I truly felt for Verity and Boone to be put in such a situation.  I loved how Boone reacted to all of it, and the fact that Verity was quick to admit her mistakes made me like her instantly.

Just like the first book, there is some danger and suspense that lent some added excitement and gave my heart a scare or two! Also, like the first book we have the lush Louisiana bayou setting, and oodles of Southern charm. Perfect setting for a smoldering romance! I could just imagine Boone laying it on, calling Verity darlin’ or sugar with a sultry Southern accent! Yes, please!  

I loved this installment and now I can’t wait for River Pearl and Brax’s story in A Perfect Dilemma!

*Quote taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in the final copy.

4 Suns

About the Author:
Zoe Dawson is the alter ego of Karen Anders, award winning, multi-published author. Her writing journey started with poetry and branched out into fiction. With a couple of college English courses under her belt, she penned a historical, then moved onto contemporary romance fiction. Today, she is happy producing romantic suspense, romantic mystery, urban fantasy and paranormal novels. The words feed her soul and the happily ever afters feed her heart.

Connect with Zoe Dawson:

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  1. "I loved this installment and now I can’t wait for River Pearl and Brax’s story in A Perfect Dilemma!" Glad to hear your are enjoying the A Perfect Secret series. :)

  2. I have this on my TBR and I didn't know too much about it until now! You had me at "This is the second installment featuring the Outlaw Brothers, or the “unholy trinity” of bad-boy hotness, and it did not disappoint!" This sounds like something I would enjoy a lot and Boone just sounds super delicious! lol ;p I can't wait to start this series. Plus, I'm looking forward to reading more about the danger and suspense alongside the romance. It sounds very interesting! :D Glad you enjoyed this Rachel!

    Fantabulous review! :)

    ~ Maida xoxo
    Literary Love Affair 

    1. Thank you, Maida! This series is all kinds of fun. I definitely a recommend. Plus, who can resist a smoking hot Southern boy? :)

  3. This sounds terrific! I would've loved to join the your, but couldn't fit it in. Looks like I have a new series to try!
    Great review, Rachel!

  4. I enjoyed reading this review. I am wondering if it is possible to post a link to the authors facebook page. It will not let me like her page from what is posted and when I search it gives me the option to become a friend. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Silvia! I completely fail when it comes to Facebook, but I clicked on the page and noticed the same thing. I'll email the tour organizer and ask what we can do. :)

  5. A Perfect Mistake looks really good! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I am curious at to what happened between this couple.

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  8. Love the blurb and your review! Definitely sounds like a great romance with some angst and mystery :)