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Review: Make Me Yours by Kendall Ryan

Make Me Yours (Unravel me #2)

Make Me Yours by Kendall Ryan
Published November 10th 2012

About the book:
Emotionally crippled Liz isn’t looking for a relationship when she meets delish boy-next-door, Cohen. He’s a few years younger, a volunteer firefighter, oh…and a virgin, making him totally off limits. But never one to back away from a challenge, she’s drawn to him even while she continues to satisfy her physical needs elsewhere.

Even as she spends her evenings in another man’s arms, she somehow finds herself curled up in Cohen’s bed each night. It’s been a long time since she had a true honest-to-goodness make out session, but Cohen’s showing her just how much fun not having sex can be.
When Cohen’s injured, her real feelings for him rise to the surface, and she has to decide if she’s willing to take a risk on love after enduring so much heartbreak in her past.

MAKE ME YOURS is the sexy conclusion to UNRAVEL ME.

My Thoughts:

Hot. Intense. Emotional. Holy S***, what a ride!

Everyone wants a happy-ever-after. For Cohen, it's to be a responsible man and not live the same mistakes his father did. For Eliza, it's to forget her past pain and the person she used to be. What these two don't see coming is their intense attraction and need for each other, and how it changes everything.

Eliza (Liz) lives her life with no commitments and hardened by the hurt of her past. She goes to school for her PhD, has a no-strings-attached affair with a professor, and refuses to entertain the fact that she can ever love or be in a relationship. Her past holds her back from finding real love and gives her the fuel she needs to feed her promiscuous lifestyle. This 'holding back' started to irritate me until I realized what she had really gone through. My advice to anyone reading this book who starts to get irritated with Liz - please give her a chance.

Cohen is AH-MAZING. After his mom was abandoned by his father at a young pregnant age - Cohen resolved to always strive to be a good and responsible man. This meant getting a job at age 15 to help support his mom and little sister. It also meant staying a virgin, because he never wanted to put himself or another woman into the same type of situation his mom went through, unless he was in love. His morals and sense of responsibility is so endearing. Going to college, while being a volunteer Chicago Firefighter, as well as a part time bouncer at a night club - he's also the new neighbor who's moved into the apartment above Liz's.

The first time they meet it's not really with a bang. But after an unwelcome bat takes up residence in Liz's apartment and she seeks shelter and assistance upstairs with the hot, virginal firefighter - things start to heat up. They start a friendship that quickly turns into more. Neither of them can deny the desire and connection they feel. But Liz holds back because of her past and her fear of hurting Cohen.  She doesn't think she can give him what her really wants. At first I really started to get angry at her for pushing away this perfect and patient man. But later on I understood her reasons and realized things had to happen this way for them to find their happiness.  Liz has to mourn her past and deal with her issues before she can truly be worthy of Cohen's love.

There are some HOT AND STEAMY moments between these two that sizzle off the pages. And for Cohen being a virgin - he's certainly not lacking in experience. This book is sexy and leaves your heart pumping.

I really enjoyed Unravel Me, the first book in this mini series, but I loved Make Me Yours MORE. A wonderful read I highly recommend!

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  1. Awesome review! I loved this book, I indeed also thought it was better than Unravel Me.
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  3. Love this review Brandie!! I must read this immediately if not sooner. :)