Sunday, December 23, 2012

Waves of Sunday #9

Welcome to our weekly edition of Waves of Sunday where each Sunday we spotlight a book that has been making waves in the book scene or has simply caught our attention causing a riptide on our TBR.
Today we are spotlighting:

Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters 
Published December 21st 2012 
About the book
"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes".
 Maysie Ardin is soaking up the summer before her junior year of college, shopping, hanging by the pool and shopping some more. But when her black belt in spending lands her in trouble with her parents, she is forced to take a second job at a local bar to dig herself out of a deep financial pit.
 She thought she’d be miserable. But then Maysie didn’t count on Jordan Levitt, the hot, pierced and tattooed, drum playing bartender who also happens to be very interested in her. And the feelings are totally mutual.
 It had the makings of the perfect romantic set up. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy has girlfriend? Okay, maybe not.
 But attraction is a hard thing to ignore and soon Jordan and Maysie find themselves in the middle of a gossip induced firestorm. Maysie has to learn whether she can set aside her fear of public disapproval in order to be with the one she wants. Or will she let the opinions of others dictate her life and her heart?

My Thoughts
This book caught my eye for a few reasons. One being the eye-catching book cover. I LOVE the PDA they have going on there. Second being the fact that the male character is a drum player because there's just something about bad boy musicians that scream messed-upedness which is right up my alley of hot mess attraction. :) And lastly, the awesome reviews this book is getting. I can't wait to get my hands on this New Adult Contemporary to see what all the buzz is about. 

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