Thursday, January 31, 2019

Review: The White Christmas Inn by Colleen Wright

Publication Date: October 23rd 2018 by Howard Books
Pages: 288
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About the book:

In this heartwarming, feel-good novel, a snowstorm brings a cast of very different characters together at a sleepy New England inn, just in time for Christmas—and maybe even in time for a Christmas miracle.

A New England inn seems like the picture-perfect place to spend the holidays. But when a snowstorm shuts the roads and keeps them all inside, the guests find themselves worrying that this Christmas may not be exactly what they dreamed of.

Molly just needs to keep her head down and finish her latest book, but her writer’s block is crippling. The arrival of Marcus, a handsome widower with two young girls, is exactly the distraction she doesn't need.
Hannah was hoping for a picturesque winter wedding, but her plans come crashing down when her fiancé calls everything off. She reconnects with her childhood friend, Luke, when he comes to check on his grandmother before the storm.
Jeanne and Tim don't know how they're going to keep the inn open another year—or how to bridge the distance between them in their marriage. With a flurry of unexpected guests, they'll have to work together to fix all the problems that crop up. But will it be enough to rekindle their relationship?
As the characters’ stories intertwine, they start to find hope where they thought it had been lost. With faith, and a little bit of Christmas magic, the inn—and its inhabitants—might just make it through the holidays after all.

My Thoughts:
I know it’s way past Christmas, but I didn’t get a copy until well after the holidays.  The winter setting and beautifully described inn are more the stars than the holiday, so that’s okay!  There are several little stories/romances here, and each one touched my heart!

Molly a popular author of children’s books is having a bit of writer’s block and hopes her stay at the picturesque inn will spark a story.  Nothing works until Marcus and his two little girls, Bailey and Addison show up stranded after the roads close.

When Hannah gets to the inn, she’s stunned to discover her groom has bailed out on her.  Come to find out Trevor is no prize, so this seems to be a blessing in disguise.  While licking her wounds Hannah has the chance to reconnect with a childhood friend and playmate, Luke.  You can see where this is going, right?  Since Luke is an absolute sweetheart, I was thrilled!

Audrey, Hannah’s best friend and matron-of-honor, is thrilled her husband, Jared, was able to wrangle leave to attend Hannah’s wedding since they’re apart so much.  Bad weather puts a wrench in the works, and my heart went out to these lovebirds!

Jeanne and Tim owners of the Evergreen Inn have seen a steady decline in business since a new hotel opened up close by.  They’re sure this will be there last Christmas at their beloved inn, and their hearts are broken.  The situation has put a strain on their marriage, and they wonder how they’ll make it through.  

I loved the sound of the Evergreen Inn. All the wintery details, sights and smells, were vividly described bringing this winter-wonderland to life!  The food sounded to die for as well!  This is a fairly short book given all the romances, but I thought most were well-developed and satisfying. My favorite stories were Hannah’s and Jeanne and Tim’s, but all were delightful and heartwarming! 

Samantha Desz’s narration with quietly pleasant and smooth.  She did a wonderful job with the many voices: male, female and two little girls, and I’d happily listen to her again! 

4 Suns

This is my 6th book in my Audiobook Challenge 2019!


  1. This sounds delightful! I will have to add for next holiday season!

  2. This sounds like such a sweet and heartwarming story - no matter the time of year. Just from your description I can tell I’d be pulling for Hannah and Luke. :)

  3. What a cutie! I love this sort of snowed in romance story- and it has several.

  4. This sounds like a perfect seasonal heartwarmer :-)

  5. I love reading Christmas stories all year round. This sounds wonderful.

  6. I enjoyed this Christmas book a lot! It's a fun read. :)

  7. I love the sound of the setting and Christmas always adds a little magic to the tale. Both romances sound fun too.

  8. It's like having a second Christmas! I enjoy reading holiday books throughout the year, because sometimes it's nice to read about winter when you're in the middle of summer. ;)

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? đź’¬

  9. Such a Hallmark sounding book! I had to laugh at their being a single dad with two girls because that or the reverse with a single mom always happens. Saying that, I love all those cheesy Hallmark movies so I'm sure I would like The White Christmas Inn.