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Blog Tour Review: Private Practice by Samanthe Beck

Today Waves of Fiction is participating in the blog tour for Private Practice by Samanthe Beck  hosted by Entangled Publishing (Brazen).
Private Practice by Samanthe Beck
Published on February 23, 2013 by Entangled Publishing (Brazen)
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About the book
He’ll teach her how to bring a man to his knees…

Dr. Ellie Swan has a plan: open her practice in tiny Bluelick, Kentucky, so she can keep an eye on her diabetic father, and make hometown golden-boy Roger Reynolds fall in love with her. But Ellie has a problem. Roger seeks a skilled, sexually adventurous partner, and bookish Ellie doesn’t qualify.

Tyler Longfoot only cares about three things: shaking his bad boy image, qualifying for the loan his company needs to rehab a piece of Bluelick’s history, and convincing Ellie to keep quiet about the “incident” that lands him on her doorstep at two a.m. with a bullet in his behind.

The adorable Dr. Swan drives a mean bargain, though. If sex-on-a-stick Tyler will teach Ellie how to bring a man to his knees, she’ll forget about the bullet. Armed with The Wild Woman’s Guide to Sex and Tyler’s lessons, Ellie is confident she can become what Roger needs…if she doesn’t fall for Tyler first.
My thoughts:
I simply adore this book.  Private Practice is beyond delicious and just what any romance reader could want all wrapped up in a nicely written package.

Ellie is the new doctor in town and when she learns that her old high school crush is back on the market she sets her sights on him and refuses to let anything stand in her way.  Not even the fact that this man is rumored to have an insatiable sex drive will deter her from her mission so she does the only thing logical, she asks the town playboy to teach her how to drive a man to his knees.  Well as you can guess many many things happen between these um lessons and Ellie is thrown for quite a loop when her plans start turning to something she never expected.

This book is hilarious!  I have never laughed so hard in my life while reading a book and it all started within the first few pages when Tyler, the playboy, shows up at Ellie's doorstep at 2 in the morning with a bullet in his booty.  Yes you read that right and that scene was one of the funniest ever!  I loved Tyler and Ellie together.  They are without a doubt one of my favorite couples and I could really relate to Ellie.  I mean we are all readers and no not everyone one of us was a "nerd" in high school but I definitely was and if were a nerd then you know what it would mean to go back home and claim the Mr.Popular as our own.  I knew what she felt and even though I couldn't have done what she did I know I would have worked every angle I could to try and win his heart so this book hit a button with me.  Not to mention the fact that Ellie was incredibly likeable and her obsession with researching um methods for her new class was absolutely laugh out loud funny and definitely something I would have done.  When she is going through her textbook of sexual knowledge with Tyler I again had to LOL!  Everything about these two was either downright hotter than a Texas summer day or sweet as southern ice tea.  I mean really what more could a girl ask for??

I am definitely a fan of Samantha Beck.  Her writing is flawless and she has a wonderful way of capturing a readers heart with just a few sentences.  I am a fan for life!
5 Suns

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About the Author:
Sam was transfixed from an early age with any tale featuring a handsome prince, a great dress, and, of course, the all-important kiss, and eventually aspired to write her own happily-ever-afters. Naturally, she became a lawyer. The legal world heaved a sigh of relief a few years ago when Samanthe retired from law to take the plunge as a writer.  When not living the glamorous life of a romance author (i.e., chained to her
computer), Samanthe keeps busy with the care and feeding of her extremely patient prince-charming of a husband, a not-so-patient ball of energy known as their son, a furry ninja named Kitty, and Bebe, the trash talkin’ Chihuahua. Their love, support, and willingness to eat Pizza Hut three or more times a week enables Samanthe to pursue her literary dreams.


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