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Blog Tour & Giveaway: True Love Story by Willow Aster

Today, Waves of Fiction is hosting a tour stop of True Love Story by Willow Aster!
For this stop, I'll be sharing my review along with a giveaway that is hosted by The Indie Bookshelf. Enjoy!!
True Love Story by Willow Aster
Published February 17th 2013 by Willow Aster
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About the Book
Sparrow Fisher is transforming. No longer dressed up in antiquated clothes and ideals, she is finally trying on her freedom.

Before she moves to New York City, she meets Ian Sterling, a musician Sparrow has dreamed about since she first saw him. The attraction is instant, but their relationship isn't so simple.

Over a five year span, Sparrow and Ian run into each other in unusual places. Each time, Sparrow has to decide if she can trust him, if he feels the same for her, and finally, if love is really enough.

My Thoughts
Brilliant storytelling that combines a love bound for tragedy wrapped around a delicate veil of hope. Loved it!

He reaches over and grabs my hand and laces our fingers together. “You are going to break my heart, Sparrow Fisher.” ~Ian

Unfortunately for Sparrow, that’s not how the story goes. Clearly, though, I must confess… I’m into books about toxic relationships lately, and they don’t get any more damaged than when a guy cheats on his girl. I’m not giving anything away here as it’s all presented from the beginning of this novel, and then the story takes a leap back in time to show you how the tragedy manifested.

In True Love Story, we meet Sparrow Fisher who falls deeply and completely in love with Ian Sterling. He’s the typical rock star bad boy who meets a down-to-earth preacher’s daughter and from the moment they collide, the sparks are intense and the journey is destructive. From the beginning, Sparrow is fully aware that her attraction to Ian that can only lead to heartbreak.

I close my eyes and even though I’m afraid to hope, I want to believe him. I want him more than I want to be safe. I want him more than I want to stay sane. I want him more than I want anything. ~Sparrow

Their relationship is consumed with obstacles from the get go. Ian is constantly traveling and Sparrow has just started school at NYU. He wants her to enjoy her college years, yet can’t seem stay away from her. Aside from the distance and age differences, Ian also has a troubled past that seems to define how he constantly self-destructs. When they finally make it work after years of trying and start to plan for a future together, Ian makes a tragic mistake that breaks these two apart… from the core.

The strange part about this story is I knew from the beginning that it was headed for disaster, and the entire time I was bracing myself for the crash. So throughout the book, I could not sit back and enjoy their sporadic moments of happiness because I was too busy protecting my emotions throughout the whole journey for their inevitable demise.

It was hard to witness how broken, flawed and damaged a character Ian was, and I think that’s what ultimately weakened my defenses toward him. Never in my wildest dreams would I consider giving someone that cheats a second chance, but after months and years of tormented remorse that they both went through and the heartfelt letters he wrote… DAMN! He broke me down!! I was hoping Sparrow would forgive him and offer him a second chance. SHOCKER! But that’s the beauty about fiction… that’s where it’s safe to make choices we really wouldn’t consider in real life for ourselves. I’ll even confess that in the book Ian’s tactics felt stalker-ish… continuous letters, phone calls and heartfelt pleas. As pathetic as that all seems, it didn’t stop me from hoping she’d find it in her heart to try and make the relationship work.

“…But then you loved me. I don’t know why, but you did. And something small inside me grew and hoped that I could be all that you saw in me. I love you, Sparrow Kate Fisher. I love you so much, it hurts. I love you so much, it’s taken over right here –“ he puts my hand on his chest “-and swallowed me whole until I can’t think of anyone or anything but you. You have completely captivated me. And I only want more.” ~Ian

The letters from Ian to Sparrow were probably the hardest part for me to read. At moments it felt almost voyeuristic because he clearly exposed his emotions and pain. There was also a part in the novel where Ian shows a destructive side toward someone that physically hurt Sparrow, and it becomes apparent that his relationship with her could truly unhinge him from the core. He balanced a fine line between sensible and irrational that ultimately led him to self-destruct and break the one relationship that helped define him and keep him grounded.

In the end, it’s evident that Ian’s mistake truly changed him, yet slightly broke him. It was sad to see him lose his swagger, but at the same time he gained some much needed perspective. I feel Sparrow was extremely mature for her young age despite her moments of self-destruction because of her experience. She developed a hard edge needed to protect herself and her final choice felt right. I won’t tell you if she forgives him, because truly can you really put deception aside and try to make it work? You’ll have to read the story to find out. :)

Great story about true love that faces deception. This book is about growing up, making mistakes, learning from them and finding a way to forgive and move on. Despite the choices these characters made in the end, it was clear that they both grew from their experiences and despite the fact that the wounds would probably never heal, they could still serve a purpose. I most definitely enjoyed this story.
5 Suns

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