Sunday, February 17, 2013

Waves of Sunday #17

Welcome to our weekly edition of Waves of Sunday where each Sunday we spotlight a book that has been making waves in the book scene or has simply caught our attention causing a riptide on our TBR. 

Today we are Spotlighting:
 Beautifully Damaged
Beautifully Damaged by L.A. Fiore
Published August 25, 2012
About the book
Ember Walsh was always the quiet one, enjoying a book and a glass of wine over the noise and crowds of a club, but when her best friend asks her to come out and meet the boy she likes Ember's world is turned upside down. He appears like a mythical avenging angel, inked, gorgeous and completely out of her league but one look and Ember no longer wants the quiet, she wants him.

Trace Montgomery has buried his damaged past with women and fighting until one day he meets an angel and suddenly he wants more, he wants her. For her, he's determined to overcome his demons but will the dark secret that links their pasts bring them closer or will it tear them apart.

Rachel's Thoughts:
I've been reading reviews for this story and it sounds like Trace's dark secret makes him a mess of a man until he meets Ember and wants to change. I can only imagine the angst we'll encounter in this story before they get to their happy ending.  These are always the best type of buddy-reads because you end up messaging your buddy back and forth over the inevitable drama that takes place, lol! And, yes Crystal, that cover!! Nothing like eye-candy to capture my attention! *drools*

Crystal's Thoughts:
The first thing that caught my eye with this book was "inked".  Yes I am a huge sucker for tattoos and I am bound to love any guy that has them. (which is strange since my husband doesn't have any..hmmm..yet)  So yes the inked caught my attention first but the whole synopsis sounds interesting and I am very curious if Ember and Trace will save each other.  Plus how could I pass up this cover??  I can't wait to read this one!


  1. Helllllo abs. ;) I actually haven't heard of this one. I'll have to check it out.

  2. LOVE this cover and love the book description! I'm with ya Crystal on being a sucker for tattoos!