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Review: Dawn of a Dark Knight by Zoe Forward

Dawn of a Dark Knight
Dawn of a Dark Night by Zoe Forward
Published on March 1, 2013 by Wild Rose Press
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About the book
In the shadows of our world, a secret band of warriors fights to protect us. They are the last line of defense against an evil no human can stop.

An ancient nemesis has resurfaced. Duty demands that Ashor Vlahos, Scimitar Magi commander, recruit a magical healer to fortify the remaining eight magi. The gods' choice is the woman who helped him escape torture a decade ago. Ashor couldn't have imagined a better punishment for his vow-breaker homicidal incidents than for the gods to bind him irrevocably to the only woman in the universe he cannot have. The soul-searing desire she ignites in him is strictly forbidden.

Kira Hardy, M.D. is a brilliant, hardworking internal med resident with big secrets. But when Ashor asks for aid after a brutal daemon attack, she is sucked into his dangerous, secret world. Enslavement to the magi, no matter how hot they are, may be an unattractive life plan, but being targeted for death by their enemies is less tolerable.

She must trust the sexy, tormented Ashor to keep her safe while he must deny his ultimate desire and keep Kira at arm's length lest he bring destruction down on them both. As a centuries-old evil catches up to them, they face a crucial decision--follow the gods' rules or follow their hearts.

My Thoughts:
Dawn of a dark Knight was all kinds of Urban Fantasy fun!  I knew from the synopsis that I was going to like this and it didn't disappoint one bit.  This genre has always been a favorite of mine and recently I have neglected it, but after reading this I know I will never neglect it again!

Kira has a special ability that if found out would put her either in a very dangerous situation or put her in servitude to a group of people that would just use her.  She spends her days working towards her medical degree and her nights trying to keep her cousin out of trouble.  When her greatest fear find her and her cousin she knows she has to run.  Unfortunately she runs right into the one guy who has dominated her fantasies ever since she met him him years ago.  Ashor is what every bad boy wants to be and has the reputation to back it up.  He is dangerous and is exactly what Kira doesn't need not to mention is a magus, the group that wants to use Kira.  With chemistry off the charts and nowhere else to turn Kira goes with Ashor and discovers that there might be more to this man than she ever thought.

I always forget that when you read Urban Fantasy it takes a few chapters to understand everything and this book was no exception.  If done right this can be fun and it was definitely done right.   I really enjoyed this world that the author created.  It was very unique to a point, but I will say I see a lot of influences from another favorite series of mine The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I picked up on the similarities and it made me look at the book a little different after awhile.  There were a couple of scenes and characters I wish had been a little more different, but for the most part I wasn't really bothered and still enjoyed the story.  I really liked the Egyptian Lore that was used throughout.  I haven't ever read a book that used this type of mythology and I honestly want more.  I would love to have read more about Ashor and the Magus history.

Kira and Ashor were fun and hawt!  I really enjoyed their romance and it was so much fun reading their relationship unfold.  I am a huge fan of the whole MINE alpha male and Ashor didn't disappoint me at all.  They were perfect for each other and I loved how Kira stood up for herself.

I actually enjoyed every character that was written.  The guys were hilarious and I am really hoping that more books are planned in this series.  They all really piqued my interest!  Even Terek the bad guy has me intrigued.  He is icky beyond belief but I can't lie his history and world intrigue me.  Do I want a HEA for him definitely not and seeing as how things played out for him there is no way that is possible, but I still want to see more.  I think that is what makes a wonderful author, when you want to know more about every character not just the heros.

This book did feel a little rushed and I would have liked more backstory and history, but I am officially hooked.  I have been craving a book like this and I am so glad that I had a chance to read it.

 3.5 Suns

*copy was provided by the author for an honest review*

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