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Review: Fever by Maya Banks

Fever (Breathless, #2)
Fever by Maya Banks
Published on April 2, 2013 by Berkley
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About the book
Jace, Ash, and Gabe: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They’re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Jace, it’s a woman whose allure takes him completely by surprise...

Jace Crestwell, Ash McIntyre, and Gabe Hamilton have been best friends and successful business partners for years. They’re powerful, they’re imposing, they’re irresistibly sexy, and Jace and Ash share everything—including their women.

When they meet Bethany, Jace begins to feel things he’s never experienced before: jealousy, and a powerful obsession that threatens him, overwhelms him—and excites him beyond control.

Jace isn’t sharing Bethany—with anyone. He’s determined to be the only man in her life, and it’s jeopardizing a lifelong friendship with Ash. Bethany will be his and his alone. Even if it means turning his back on his best friend.

My Thoughts:
I have had the hardest time trying time writing this review.  On one hand I did enjoy the characters, but on the other the storyline just completely disappointed me.  I was really looking forward to Jace's story so this all came as a shock to me.

First I will start out with the good.  I really enjoyed Jace and the men we met in the first book Gabe and Ash.  These three men just embody what alpha means and as you know I enjoy alpha men. I enjoyed their scenes together and I found myself reading just to read these scenes.  Ash and Jace together was hawt.  They were everything that I hoped for after reading the first book, but it was unfortunately short lived.  From the synopsis of the book I expected way more intense scenes between the two, but I think there were only 2-3.  I wanted so many more.  So for my total overall rating I am giving one whole sun to Jace and Ash and for what they were to each other.

Now for the bad...The storyline bothered me and so did Jace's love interest Bethany.  I loved Pretty Woman the movie and while Fever isn't exactly like that movie it did have a Pretty Woman vibe so I expected to like it, but I was beyond shocked to find out that it left me very disappointed.  Bethany had a horrible childhood and the only person who helped her escape her past and save her from a dangerous situation has been using her for money and if that wasn't bad enough Jack gets into trouble and decides to give me up as collateral to guys he owes money too.  Just not a good situation right, well in swoops Jace to the rescue.  I know I know I should be loving this but it just felt so wrong.  I wanted Bethany to stand up to Jack and at the end it just felt like she wanted somebody to just take care of her.  She didn't care that she left Jack out on the streets and I know he didn't deserve sympathy, but at the time she leaves him and forgets about him we don't know what he has done so yes I felt bad for him.  Bethany just ran away from her problems and let Jace take care of them for her.  I like my heroines with more backbone than that.  This was the whole story, Jace taking care of Bethany and her problems.  They synopsis made me believe that Ash would have been a bigger problem, but the minute he sees that Jace is into Bethany he steps aside and this happens very early on.  There is no struggle, no big intense scene until the very end when Jace gets the wrong idea about a situation.  I wanted drama and heartfelt scenes between Jace and Ash!  I guess in the end I just felt cheated out of a possible great story.

Now I will say this, I had issues with the first book, but Maya Banks gave me Jace and I just had to read his story.  I read Fever and again I had major issues with it, but Maya gave me Ash and I just HAVE to read his story.  I have no idea if I will like it and all signs point to no, but there is just something about Maya's writing that will pulls you in and makes you want to see the series through.  I am hoping HOPING that Ash's story will deliver what the first two failed to do.  My other sun goes to Ash alone, he was wonderful and deserves a sun in preparation for his story.

2 Suns
*ARC was provided by the publisher for an honest review*

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