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Review: Love Me by Diane Alberts

Love Me (Take a Chance, #2)
Love Me (Take a Chance #2) by Diane Alberts
Publication Date: May 13th 2013 by Entangled Publishing
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About the book: Thomas Jones has come to Vegas to win yet another account for his marketing company. But when he sits across from beautiful and sensual Brianna Faulk to deliver his pitch, his desire to leave Vegas as quickly as possible is replaced by the need to get close to her. Yet she resists his

Brianna knows a date with Thomas could jeopardize her job, but he’s so maddening and insistent, she has a hard time denying him just one date. But that’s all it can be: one date. Because she has to protect her job and her secrets, even if it means giving up a chance at a life she never thought she’d have again.

My Thoughts:
Love Me may only be 134 pages but it had depth that turns this story into more than just instant attraction and intense hookups (although, those were quite delicious!).

Thomas is in Vegas to land a lucrative deal for his marketing company.  He doesn’t count on the meeting the lovely, Brianna, a savvy business woman with a spitfire personality and gorgeous looks.  They literally run into each other and the sparks fly.  Thomas insists on taking her out on a date, ignoring the fact that this is clearly a bad idea and could jeopardize winning the account in the long run if things go sour. 

Brianna finds Thomas magnetic and infuriating at the same time.  He pushes all her buttons and gets her blood racing but she has responsibilities to more than just herself, so she initially resists his advances.  She questions Thomas’ motives for wanting to date her.  Is he just trying to land her account?  She doesn’t believe someone as good-looking and outgoing as him could be interested in her.

Initially I thought this would be a fun antagonistic relationship that turns into a romance, but this was much more packed into a small amount of pages.  While there is an instant intense physical attraction between Thomas and Briana, both have a lot of insecurities and baggage that threaten to dismantle any future they have together.  If you look past Thomas’ confident and cocky exterior you will find a man scared to open his heart to another woman after being burned in the past: 

Maybe not every woman was Nicole, but he’d be damned stupid to ever trust one again. At least with Nicole it had all been there for him to see. The lies. The cheating. The laughter every time she broke his heart a little bit more.

Brianna wears her cool, calm and controlled fa├žade like a shield of protection after tragedy scarred her.  But fear not, these two break down each other’s defenses, and we get to witness the passionate scenes when they can’t keep their hands off each other!

Her mouth was reddened, her hair disheveled and he couldn’t help a fierce and primitive sense of pride. He’d broken her poise. He’d left her flushed, flustered, deliciously disarrayed.  To hell with dinner. He was taking her straight to his room.

Try Me (Take a Chance, #1)
Try Me
This story captured my attention because I’ve read and loved several of Diane Alberts’ stories.  She has a talent for writing sexually charged scenes full of chemistry with a sweet romance at the heart.  This is the second in the Take a Chance series, but you don’t need to read Try Me (Taking Chances #1) in order to enjoy this.  Although, I’d highly recommend you do because it was a lovely story that centered on Thomas’ sister and his best-friend.  Plus, can you resist with a cover like that?!! *drools* Diane really does get the most scrumptious covers! 

A copy was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.



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