Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Audio Review: What If You & Me by Roni Loren


What If You & Me (Say Everything #2) by Roni Loren
Publication Date: July 13th 2021 by Dreamscape Media
Pages: 320
Audio Book Length: 9 hrs 17 min
Narrator: Desireé Ketchum
Rating: ½

My Thoughts:
Andi Lockley has channeled her traumatic past into something useful with her true crime podcast when she’s not writing horror stories. She’s not looking for romance, but her gorgeous and grumpy neighbor presents an interesting opportunity.

Hill, a now retired fire fighter, is plagued by PTSD and depression after losing part of his leg on the job. He’s not sure what his next move is professionally, but he certainly had no plans for a romance since his fiancée dumped him after the accident. That is until a certain spunky redhead moved next door.

Hill is dealing with negative self-esteem after his injury and can’t imagine what a woman would see in him, but all Andi sees is gorgeous, brave man. She knows what it’s like to have fear hold you back so they agree to help each other out by spending time together as friends. Andi will guide him through the best movie genre (according to Andi): horror, and Hill will teach her how to cook some basics without burning the house down.  Of course, spending time together only magnifies their mutual attraction and I was all in!

I just loved how Andi used her past trauma for good by detailing true crime and talking about what women could learn and tips on how to defend yourself. Andi’s positivity and zest for life rubbed off on Hill helping out from the dark cloud he was under. Hill was a sweetheart, too, one-hundred percent supportive of Andi, and who doesn’t love a man who can cook? He was definitely a keeper even if he didn’t feel worthy at times.  These two had wicked chemistry, so very hot when they finally gave in to their desires!

I hope this isn’t the end to the series as I’d love a romance between Eliza and Ramsey!

I listened to the audio version, and Desireé Ketchum helped bring the characters to life!  She did a wonderful job with both the male and female parts, enhancing an already excellent story! I listened at my normal 1.5x.

4.5 Stars

Book Description:

The world can be a scary place. At least, that's what Andi Lockley's anxiety wants her to believe. It doesn't help that she narrowly escaped a dangerous man years ago, or that every relationship since has been colored with that lingering fear. But things are better now―she's channeling everything into her career as a horror novelist and true crime podcaster, and her next book may be the breakthrough she needs.

If only her grumpy new neighbor would stop stomping around at all hours of the night.

Former firefighter Hill Dawson can't sleep. After losing part of his leg in a rescue gone wrong, he's now stuck in limbo. He needs to figure out what he's supposed to do with his life, and he can't let himself get distracted by the pretty redhead next door. But when someone breaks into Andi's place, Hill can't stop himself from rushing in to play the hero. Soon, a tentative bond forms between the unlikely pair. But what starts out as a neighborly exchange quickly turns into the chance for so much more...if Andi can learn to put aside her fear and trust in herself―and love―again.


  1. I love Roni Loren books and I still need to grab this one. So glad to see you enjoyed it and especially the way the characters overcame their pasts.

  2. Such a good point. It was great that Andi channeled her negative experiences into something so positive. I loved that. I totally felt like we were being set up for an Eliza book. Let's hope Loren can make that happen.

  3. I'm pretty sure I met this author once but haven't managed to read any of her books yet.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  4. That sounds like a fun read. I haven't read this author yet but this one is going in my wish list.

  5. I can already tell I'm going to love this one! (Plus, as a redhead myself, I'm a little partial to spunky redheads in books.)

  6. This sounds like a lovely book, I'll be looking out for it.

  7. I've read one series by Loren and really enjoyed it so I'd love to read more from her. I am such a sucker for a story about a man who feels unworthy or is so down on himself, especially when he's a sweetheart with so much to offer. So Hill sounds right up my alley.

  8. I have never tried her books but I have heard good things